Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We're back. We've been back since Sunday evening and we've been struggling to get the Peanut back into a routine. It is so easy to get sucked into the peacefulness and ease of vacation life. I can't blame a two year old for finding it hard to go to bed early and stay asleep . . . but man, are Vans and I tired this week!

We miss this:

But if I close my eyes . . . sometimes I can see it and smell it . . . sometimes.

Since being back in town I haven't tried running . . . until last night. I went out and met my old group The Buffalo Chips who I have not run with in a very very long time. It was good to see them however the temperature gauge in my car was reading 102 degrees. Ouch.

Just putting on my shoe made my ankle hurt as it is still pretty swollen even if it doesn't hurt to walk or anything. Just the pressure of the shoe made it hurt. The workout was 4 x 1200 meters but I only managed 2 of those 1200 before my body shut down. Partly dehydrated and just partly exhausted from two sleepless nights. I hung my head and waddled off to my car to head on home. Bummed with my performance and lack of stamina I decided I just need to get the ankle back before I go ahead and try doing something like speed drills right now. It'll come. I also need to work on time management and finding time to run as a few things have been in the works and my weekends are going to be filled with some other activities soon.

Regardless, I am firm believer if you want it, you make it happen. If I want to continue running and stay in shape then I will find the time whether I have to wake up at 5 am and hit the dark streets of my neighborhood or just wander over to the elliptical . . . I have to make it happen. Only I can do it.

The Peanut is very much like me . . . she watches, she observes and then decides to just go ahead and do it.

Observe . . .

Just do it!

Sorry. . . cell phone video.


  1. The Peanut rocks! She is so cute!

    I'll be happy to run with you at 5a when you move to my part of town :) Although you'll have to run slower for me to keep up with you :)

  2. OMG that is the cutest thing ever!! How brave is she!

    Definitely get that ankle back in shape, you don't want to risk getting an even worse injury and then really having to stop with the exercise altogether. And 2 is better than 0, remember that next time you head outside :)

  3. It looks like you need some well deserved rest.
    Hopefully your ankle heals fast and you will get some sleep too.