Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Last night was my usual Tuesday run with Pigeon. Luckily I remembered because I spent the entire day thinking it was Monday! I was pleasantly surprised to wake up this morning and realize it was in fact Wednesday! Nice!

The run was fairly uneventful as most Tuesday runs are these days. Pigeon is on jury duty and has been picked and placed in the box. She actually started trial yesterday. I work in the legal field as my "real life job" and yet I have never ever been on a jury NOR have I ever been picked. Don't get me wrong, I been summoned twice but both times I just had to report and then go home. Boo. I am probably the only person who WANTS jury duty and who WANTS to be put on a case. I am a Law and Order junkie. Ally McBeal was my favorite show back in the day. Of course I know that is all pretend and that real court rooms are not like that but it doesn't change the fact I would love to see the process happen before my eyes. I have a huge respect for our country's legal system. The area in which I work does not do jury trials and the like. My job is a desk job and unless I am running an errand or a last minute filing, I never even see the court house.

Back to the run. Pigeon told me about jury duty and work. I shared with her some camping stories from the weekend. We ran 6 miles and it went fairly quickly and was fairly easy. Spending a few days in Tahoe is always a blast and I always seem more in shape when I return. Maybe it is the altitude or maybe it was the fact I didn't run while we were there . . . either way, I felt stronger last night then I have in a while.

This weekend is the Buffalo Chips Stampede. My only race this month and it runs right past my house. Literally. The Peanut always cheers, gives me a hug and the proceeds to break down and cry when I have to run away. Sigh. Hopefully this year she'll "get it" when I run by . . . any bets?

The Peanut visited me at work last week on Daddy Day.
She apparently likes legal books as well.

Then Daddy did a bad thing . . .

What can I say? The girl loves corn dogs!


  1. Love the wavy locks. Adorable., I haven't had one of those is years.

  2. I'm also in the legal world but no court houses for me either :( oh well.

    On a side note, I've been a vegetarian for about 4 1/2 years now and I sooo miss corndogs lol

  3. EMZ: I don't think I have ever had a corndog (gasp!) :)

    sTyliSH1: They do sell vegetarian version of the corn dogs. I have seen them in the stores, perhaps even Trader Joes?? Not sure. Probably wouldn't be the same but you could pretend! HA

  4. Good luck on the Stampede! I wish I could do it this year, but I have my half ironman saturday and I know I won't be getting up to race 10 miles the next day! :( Hopefully next year.

  5. K: goodluck at your half ironman! Rock it. Man. I haven't done a tri in AGES . . . I think I have forgotten how to swim! :-)