Friday, September 10, 2010


Contrary to Tuesday's run, Thursday's had a bit more adventure to it. First of all, what is WITH this crazy weather we're having lately!? Check out this photo Vans sent to me on his way home from mountain biking on Wednesday.

Pretty cool huh?

Although we didn't have have skies that looked like that last night on our run, it was definitely a much cooler run. In fact, I ran without my handheld and felt significantly faster. I realize I don't normally bring water with me on my solo runs if they are under 8 or so. When running with Pigeon though I have been. I think mainly because it has been so hot in the evenings. Pigeon didn't bring her handheld either last night . . . instead she brought this:

Introducing: Traildog!

The Pigeon's dog (aka Traildog) joined us last night. This was the second run with Traildog that I have been treated with the past few months. He was super excited to be running with his mommy too. Although, when Pigeon did a 180 on us and actually stopped to use the restroom at the 1.5 mile marker (my usual stopping ground for such things) Traildog was quite upset she disappeared from sight and was not pleased to be left in my company.  She was back soon and we were on our way until we heard sirens. Now, we're on a bike trail and hearing sirens is not something we generally hear because we are some what removed from the surface streets. As we were cresting the bike bridge hill a big black vehicle with removable police lights came barreling down at us! He was flying too. He wasn't going the 15 mph the usual park ranger speed, no, he almost got us! He did a quick turn off the bike trail and into the nearby park area. We just continued on our way until the turnaround spot.

There were turkeys as usual on the trail however Traildog didn't see them. So much for protecting me. (kidding Pigeon). On our way as we were descending the same bike bridge we heard MORE sirens. All of a sudden coming from behind us was a sheriff's car going much faster than the previous vehicle with his lights and sirens blaring. He too turned off at the park entrance and then really turned it on as if he was in pursuit of something. I am soooo curious as to what was going on. That area of Sacramento/Fair Oaks is generally a quiet neighborhood. Sometimes I am such a nosey busy body.

Our pace was pretty good last night and I was feeling okay despite some recent turn of events. Back in February my eyes started getting infected with what looked like poison oak although it was not poison oak and the eyes have been getting steadily worse as the months have gone on. After various creams, doctor visits, dermatologist visits etc I have now been prescribed a harsh steroid, Prednisone. If anyone knows or has been on this drug, it isn't fun and it isn't pretty. I am on a high dose for one week and then will be lowering my dose as the weeks go on. It stinks. I started my run with heart palpitations although my heart rate monitored remained steady. I woke up at 2 am and 3 am with insomnia (another side affect) and my stomach this morning after taking my dosage was torn to shreds. This should make running the Buffalo Chip Stampede 10 miler on Sunday so much more interesting no? Ugh.

Speaking of the Buffalo Chip Stampede . . . I was not going to do this but I did. I looked up my 2009 results from this race. Last year I ran it I believe with a really bad cold while training for CIM. My time however was 1:23 at an 8:21 pace which looking back, I was disappointed with at the time but now think "holy crap how did I run that fast?" Sigh, for some reason I know I should just run this race as "fun run" since it passes my house and I generally stop and give the Peanut a hug along the way, but a part of me really wants to push it and beat that time. How can I honestly say I want to do that when I have done zero speed work or tempo runs? Still, the competitive side of me really wants to run hard . . . and considering this might be the last Buffalo Chip Stampede that I do while living in this area, I figure I might as well give it a shot. However, that may mean not giving this little a love a big hug in an effort to save time . . . :-(

Taking after her old man!

Removing the wood chips from the play ground

Having fun at Ancil Hoffman Park

The Peanut's version of "skipping rocks"


  1. Traildog and I had a great time on the run yesterday. Good luck this weekend on your race!

    On a side note, traildog is going to do better on the turkey guard next time. I had a long conversation with him about his role. Hehe

  2. Those are some wicked clouds. Sorry about the eye and hope you are recovering well. Hang in there.