Saturday, September 11, 2010


Last night Vans and I had a date night. Not just any date night mind you, our first in almost 7 months! Um, yeah I know we need to work on that.

It was so much fun getting "dressed up" and by that I mean wearing clothes that do not have tissues, hair ties or silly bands stuffed in my pockets or dried snot on my sleeves because to a two year old, you are not only "mom" you are a human tissue.

The Peanut even wanted her fingernails painted after watching me paint mine. Exhibit A:

So pretty! She picked the color.

Vans and I were very fortunate to have good friends Mr and Mrs REI agree to watch the Peanut. Baby REI and the Peanut are BFFs big time. Sure they fight over toys like all two year olds but they hug and love like true friends.

The Peanut adores the REI family (as do we) and they are probably the only people she feels 100% safe with at all times. So it was actually a relief for us to drop her off at their house and head out to Van's high school reunion shindig. In fact, the Peanut did not even care or acknowledge we left! Score for us! :-)

Dressed and ready!

Well to make a long story short, we were at the event for about an hour and twenty minutes when we got that phone call. You know, the phone call you never want to get while away from your child.

It seems the Peanut and Baby REI were getting ready for bed and were jumping around in the bed. Baby REI took a flying tumble which resulted in a visit from the ambulance and a ride to the ER. The happy ending is that she is fine though everyone was worried for a bit. The Peanut refused to leave the ER without seeing her friend. While Mr REI and the Peanut were following the ambulance ( and we were en route from the event), he said that she was a trooper and gave him hugs and calmed him down by telling him that Baby REI was okay. She is two! My sweet little girl has such a big heart and I just love her.

Baby REI is fine today. Still smiling and playing. The Peanut is anxious to see and hug her. As she told me this morning, "Baby REI is in my heart and I love her." Precious.

As for our date night, oh well life happens and what matters most is that everyone turned out okay. Okay, so maybe the adults have a few more gray hairs and the girls may never jump on a bed again, overall we are all fine. Thank you lord for that.

Normal? Well relatively speaking that is!

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  1. Oh man that's horrible! I'm glad baby REI is okay! I'm sure you all had a scare for sure! Make sure you resched the date though ;)

  2. Too bad there was an ambulance ride involved. I raised two girls (now 24) and I know they have to do things like this to learn what not to do. I'm very happy to know the little one is okay. ;)