Sunday, September 12, 2010


Today was the Buffalo Chips Stampede. It is a 10 mile race that literally runs past my house making it super easy for Vans and the Peanut to come out and cheer me on.

In this post I wrote about how I secretly really wanted to beat my time from last year. However, the major difference between this year and last year is that I was actually training for a marathon last year using such as things tempo runs, speed workouts and interval training. I was diligent and religious about my workouts and training. This year, um, not so much. I would have to say that the name of my game this year has been long steady runs lately.

After the crazy weekend we had, I really wasn't sure how today would pan out. I woke up coughing and with a runny nose (grrreat) but I hopped on my bike anyway and rode the 3.5 miles to Rio Americano High School where the Buffalo Stampede starts. I chained up my bike and stretched a bit. I walked around and said hello to some familiar Buffalo Chip friends. I have to say, I love this race. The convenience factor is just so great and the course is so familiar.

At 8:00 am the race starts. In years past the race has always started late for some reason or another but not this year. I heard mumbling but the race directors did not have mega phones and out of no where I hear the bellow of the horn as the crowd started moving.

I was feeling okay at this point. The coughing and runny nose had subsided and I just felt okay. I decided to just go with the flow. I narrowed my sights on a girl I knew from my Buffalo Chips days (Tri-Girl) as she was always generally within my pace . . . well, at least she used to be. She is now training continuously for half-ironmans . . . ah well.

Here is the break down of the race . . . for once I actually noticed my splits and focused on them and how I was feeling.

Mile 1: 7:57 - Um, what the hell? Okay. I feel good. Why not. I usually start out like this.
Mile 2: 7:58 - Really? Again? Hmph, still feeling good. I still see Tri-Girl. Okay. Uh-oh what's that?
Mile 3: 7:58 - Sweet! 1 more mile and I'll see the Peanut and Vans. Sure wish I could lose this grunting moaning guy who has been running with me since mile 2. Quad feels a little stiff . . .
Mile 4: 7:58 - Dang! Just need to round this corner and I'll see the Peanut & Vans. Maybe I should speed up so as not to lose any time when I stop and say hello . . .

Pausing here to insert video taken by Vans . . . just too darn cute not to include. A two-year olds perspective on a road race . . .

And then I appear . . . my own personal aid-station and confidence booster!

Okay, back to the splits . . .

Mile 5: 8:02 - Nooooo! Oh wait, I had stopped to hug the Peanut. That's okay. No biggie. I'll make it up.
Mile 6: 8:09 - Ugh . . . it's happening. I am dying. I suck. Oh no. Grunting Moaning guy is back. He's talking to me. Telling me I was hard to catch. Apparently not that hard.
Mile 7: 8:16 - I believe DAMN IT came out of my mouth. I had stopped for 2 waters and a Gu between 6 and 7 because my quad was tightening and I was afraid I was losing too much steam.
Mile 8: 8:04 - Really? Okay okay, the Gu must be working. Keep it up, 2 miles. Follow those girls, get on their heels now.
Mile 9: 8:04 - Whew, I am back. I can make it I can make it. Passing these girls . . . 1 mile to go.
Mile 10: 7:44 - Yippeeeeeee I am done. I see Vans and the Peanut at the finish. The Peanut looks like she wants to run with me . . . Vans looks at the clock and holds her back that must mean I am close.

All of these splits and my final time and average are per my Garmin as the actual race results are not posted yet although I caught a glimpse before I left and I am fairly close.

Race time: 1:20:53 Average Pace: 8:00/mile. Sweet! Last year I was an 1:23 race time and an 8:23 pace so I shaved some minutes off my time! Woot woot!

The Peanut and Vans found me after I crossed the finish line. The Peanut was supposed to run in the kids 1/2 mile race but apparently we missed it. Ooops. Instead she had much more fun running with me on the football field.

Overall it was a great run. I felt okay albeit a little tight in my quads and calves but energy wise I was there. Not sure what this means for the Four Bridges Half Marathon in late October, not sure I could hold that pace for 3 more miles on that hilly course but perhaps if I add some quality training runs I might be able to run better than I had originally planned.

Regardless, I am one lucky Trailmomma. I had a few runners pass me during the race telling me how cute and sweet my Peanut was and that she should be proud of her mommy . . . I think I am more proud of her.

My future running partner!

Just a little update on Baby REI . . . she's doing great and actually came over last night to play with the Peanut. The Peanut surprised her by buying her some balloons. It seems everything is back to normal as a few "it's mine" fights broke out but hugs soon followed. Ahhhh, to be two again. The rest of the weekend was a success after Friday night's craziness.

Best Friends

All dressed up for a BBQ on Saturday
(notice her "race" watch as she calls it)

Bounce house fun
guaranteed nap maker!


  1. So cute to see the Peanut excited to see you. She was all smiles for her momma :)

  2. You did an amazing job! Congrat's on beating your old time and I'm sure you'll do great for your half marathon!

    And for the record, your daughter is CUTE AS PIE!!!

  3. Nice job, Pam!! The videos are great. Sierra is too cute these days.

  4. Those videos are awesome! I loved it! Congratulations on your time. Speedy.

  5. Those vid clips brought tears to my eyes, Pam :) Peanut had such a look of concern on her face for the man that wasn't running! What a precious family you have! Congrats on your time!

  6. Good job cheering yer mama on, Peanut!

  7. Thank you everyone for the nice comments and allowing my proud mommy-ness to shine through. I admit, I am watching that first video over and over just giggle at her face and the fact that she is so confused that "that guy is not runnin!" hee hee

  8. Loved the videos...adorable!

    I saw your comment on "Shut up and run"s blog and since I've often had to take prednisone...I was curious and came to check out your blog :)

  9. Great Job!!! Knew you could do it. Love the videos. See you tomorrow.

  10. You must have been running with my friend - she finished in 1:20:24!
    I never realized you were such a fast little runner. Great job. ;)