Thursday, September 23, 2010


Lake Tahoe is gorgeous. That goes without saying. Whether you have been here or not, if you have seen the photos, you know this is one special place.

For my family however, Tahoe is extra special. It was while in Tahoe that my love Vans first said those three magic words to me while we were dating. Then years later, it was here that he said those four magic words "will you marry me?" to me. Six years ago this Sunday we were married on the shores of Lake Tahoe at a wonderfully amazing spot on the east shore of the lake. In 2007  it was also while in Tahoe that we discovered we were going to be parents to the Peanut. Now, I can happily say, that while on our vacation in Tahoe this week we found out that the home of our dreams was approved and that we will soon be moving!!! It has been a long and arduous process but one that is finally working out in our favor.

Today has been a whirlwind of emotions ranging from elation to nausea but we are happy. Today was also my trail run day. Yesterday Vans disappeared for 2 hours as he mountain biked on the Tahoe Rim Trail. Today, I ran for almost 90 minutes 6+ miles on a portion of the Western States Trail!

Vans talked to some locals and they told him about a tiny trail that is located behind the Far East Chair Lift of Squaw Valley Ski Resort that connects with the Western States Trail. I should clarify this is not the Western States Trail that the Western States 100 Miler takes place on but instead, and I could be wrong, it is just a trail where perhaps the original Tevis Cup took place? I don't really know but I do know it was pretty cool place to run today.

I am usually a big wuss when it comes to trail running alone. My mind wanders and I make up crazy noises and stuff that basically scares me out of running too far but today, I just ran. The first two miles were a switch back that goes up hill on a rocky un-runnable portion. I am learning that in order to get to any decent trails in Tahoe, you are forced to climb first.

So sucking wind I climbed and climbed in the pure sun totally exposed to all those wandering around Squaw Village. Although not technically off limits to the public, the locals don't really like outsiders using this trail. Finally I hit the top and some single track.

Single track . . . in the wrong direction
I ran this twice.

Aaah this is the right direction

There were no markers on this trail. No indication that I was going the right way. I saw a few mountain bike tracks but that was about it.

The views were just amazing

I did stumble upon this.
Proof that I was on the WST

The single track dumped me out onto a gravel service road. I had the choice to go up or down and I chose up. I entered a clearing where about 5 horseback riders were out for a ride and taking photos.

Big open clearing

The trail got a little rocky

The service road did eventually lead way to a trail again that was a bit rocky at first but eventually smoothed out and was a series of rolling hills along with a lot of forks in the trail to choose from....

Which way?

I was having way too much fun. I'd run the downs and sort of shuffle uphill when my lungs would give out. Mind you, it was never my legs, only my lungs that have been struggling here. You would think after 4 or 5 days here I would finally adjust to this altitude when running. Ugh. My lungs and my heart rate said differently.

Finally I decided that I had been gone over an hour and that even though I knew the trail back would be faster, I figured that I needed to turn around.

Yeah that switch back goes down.
Good time to turn around.

As I expected I made up some time on the return. My distance was over 6 miles and I was probably gone 90 minutes. With the uphill climbing in the beginning, I am okay with the workout I got.

When I got back to the Village I realized that the Peanut was still probably napping in our room and that I couldn't return just yet. Instead, I wandered myself over to Starbucks and sat down and had a "recovery" drink.


On the last switch back down the rocky slope however I rolled my ankle pretty darn bad. I am prone to rolled ankles and I was trying to be very careful running down through the rocks but I looked up just once and bam, the ankle rolled and I heard a bit of snap . . . um, that can't be good.

I don't think I have done anything too serious but whatever I did it isn't just the usual ankle roll. The ligaments and muscles running from my achilles up my calf are pretty darn sore.

Tomorrow will be a rest day as I think we're heading out early as a family to hit up a beach and let the Peanut play in the sand.

She loves the beach


  1. Tahoe is a magical place in many ways.
    I actually like being on the trail alone, much more than on city streets. I just don't expect crazies to go on trails to look for victims. Or at least that's what I chose to believe.
    Hope your ankle is OK.

  2. Silly me.

    CONGRATS on a new house!!!

  3. aaah, that looks magical! You're really making me wanna go to tahoe, AND take my kids there! Oy! They'd LOVE it!

    beautiful pics!

  4. Well, I guess that it's official. Congrats- and keep that ankle iced!