Wednesday, September 15, 2010


No, not THAT kind of moving. No house yet for the Trailmomma family (sigh). I mean moving in the sense of being mobile, in constant motion, exercise . . . you know, that kind of thing. The one thing most of our close friends have learned throughout the years is that the Trailmomma family is generally always "busy doing something" or "racing something" or "hiking something" which I have come to be quite proud of but find, on those rare occasions, when I actually just want to sit my butt on the couch . . . I get a raised eyebrow and a "Sooo what are we going to do today?" from Vans.

Since last Friday evening it feels like I have been going going going without stopping to smell the roses or coming up for air. This is not necessarily a bad thing, I mean, wow, it IS Wednesday already! Nice, um, how did that happen? Regardless, I am very much looking forward to next week. What is next week you ask? I'll get there, let's go backwards shall we?

Last night I was the butt-head of all running buddies and arrived almost 20 minutes late for my run with Pigeon. Ouch, I am usually one for being on time (errr early) but when I am at the mercy of Highway 50 and Van's commute home so we can trade off on the Peanut, I have to be patient and luckily Pigeon is understanding. When I arrived I saw the tail wagging from Traildog which meant this would be a fun run no matter what. Let's face it, having a dog run with you always brightens your day . . . and I don't even own a dog!

Pigeon and I immediately started running. She is finally done with jury duty and so I pumped her for information, okay, not really but I was curious as to what kind of case she had that had taken her away for a whole week of work. I would say that for 3 miles out Pigeon talked jury duty and work and for 3 miles back I talked Peanut. Wow (sorry Pigeon). At one point we rounded a corner and I stopped dead in my tracks. There were probably 7 or 8 turkeys spread out across the bike trail. ACROSS THE BIKE TRAIL! As in, IN MY PATH AND VERY CLOSE TO ME. Pigeon had spoken to Traildog earlier and told Traildog that his "duty" was to be the turkey scarer for me. Well a small miscommunication occurred as Traildog did not realize that yes, I may be scared to death of birds (especially turkeys) but I am even more afraid of FLYING birds and flying turkeys. Traildog ran towards the turkeys. Bikers were flying by on either side of the trail as well and so all this commotion scared the turkeys causing one to up and fly to the right and one to up and fly to the left and a few came RUNNING in my direction.

I wish I could reenact for you what I looked like. I wish I had it on video because I would be guaranteed to win money on Americas Funniest Home Videos. My hands go up to my head/ears (I don't know why, maybe I figure if I can't hear them it won't be so bad?), I squat/hunch down and I scream. I was moments away from curling up into the fetal position right there in the middle of the bike trail. A cyclist came whizzing by screaming "attack of the turkeys" um, yeah, that didn't help the situation at all thank you very much. Pigeon is yelling at me to "run! run that way! run!" and all I can do is shake, tear up and wonder "will I ever see my Peanut again" and then the moment was over. Luckily I am someone who can laugh at myself (over and over again) but man, if I had seen myself doing what I was doing, I probably would have pissed my pants from laughter.

That was probably the highlight of the evening. When I reenacted the scene for Vans later he did almost piss his pants from laughter and the Peanut declared "Mommy you afraid of birds? I not afraid of birds." Thanks kid.

My heart still races thinking about it and this morning a bird flew out of the bushes at daycare drop-off and almost flew into me. My poor heart. Anyway, I think if I capture my bird fears on video I might have the recipe for becoming a youtube star or something. My last post full of Peanut videos was apparently a hit with the comments (yeah! and thank you!).

Another awesome video that I would like to share is the one on the Fleet Feet Fair-Oaks/Roseville website. You can check it out here . . .  it is called BE THE MOVEMENT and it is pretty darn inspiring. I realized that this weekend alone, the Peanut saw a bike race on Saturday (a friend raced in the Folsom Cyclebration), a road race on Sunday (my Buffalo Stampede 10 miler) and then Van's indoor soccer game on Monday night. The Peanut is definitely exposed to a lot of activity and as a mom, that makes me proud. I hope we can continue to show her that being active is fun and healthy and that she can do whatever it is she wants to do when she gets older.

As for next week, our activity levels may decrease a little bit or they may increase . . . you see, next week is vacation week for the Trailmomma family! We are so very excited. We will be in Lake Tahoe for a full week (with the awesome in laws watching over Jack the Cat at home). I have one trail race scheduled for Sunday in Emerald Bay (7.5 miles) and Vans is planning on some Flume Trail mountain biking. We will probably hike often with the Peanut in the backpack and ride our bikes to Tahoe City with the Peanut in the trailer. Most people like to relax on vacation, and don't get me wrong, we do too but we also like to play hard and have fun. There will be some lazy mornings I am sure and some wine filled dinners and BBQs but overall, we have no other obligations. Vans and I will also be celebrating our 6 year wedding anniversary while up there. We were engaged and married in Lake Tahoe so it is quite fitting to be there on our anniversary. I will try to blog about all our adventures because let's face it, Tahoe has its share of birds too!

I leave you with some photos from the Folsom Cyclebration . . .

522 - our friend Mr. Cycle (aka Scrapbook's hubby)

Moms & Dads, lots of kids and one big mastiff
cheering him on

The Peanut really
 enjoyed when they flew by

Being a spectator is quite tiring though

And I have to add this next one . . . the Peanut may enjoy watching cycling but she definitely takes after her mommy and is a runner at heart . . . that is until she runs and her pants accidentally fall down.



  1. Wow that video sure was inspiring! We have a few things that are similar, we have stores that fit you for your sneakers (I'll be going this weekend *hopefully*) and in NY they have all kinds of runner's clubs! I joined a free one but I may have to miss the run tonight :(
    Oh and I wish my pants were slightly big enough to fall down like Peanut's lol. Unfortunately I have the opposite problem!

  2. sTyliSH1: Bummer about missing the run tonight but yeah for new sneakers and a fitting! That always makes a difference! Happy Feet = a Happy Runner! :-)

  3. I about died laughing when I read the part about the turkeys, because I remembered how you looked when they flew. Tears came to my eyes.

    Traildog says he will do better on thursdays run.

    Can't wait to read about your vacation. What else am I going to do while I taper?

  4. Haha! Love the turkey story...although I'm sure you didn't think it was so funny at the time. I probably would have freaked out too :)

    Yeah...prednisone sucks. There's the prednisone high (and shakes) then the prednisone low...sigh. Glad it's only 3 weeks...hopefully that's it for a long time.