Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Kids, do not try this at home

Not to worry, Vans was near by when the above photo was taken. However, that is what he had to do to entertain the Peanut on Saturday while I was sick in bed. I am working my way back up the healthy ladder.

Technically, I have not run since May 21st, last Thursday when Biceps and I did a 5+ mile trail run at Beal's Point. I was too ill to run 20 with Pigeon on Saturday (she ran by herself that rockstar) and Sunday's Veggie Chase 5K was really a veggie joke. Completely unorganized and a total disaster on all fronts. I walked with the Peanut for most of the course.

Tonight is my Buffalo Chips speed night. I plan on heading out there to see what my body can handle. The workout calls for 6x800 and 4x200. I wish it was the reverse as I so love 200s over 800s.

I am sort of at a loss as to what to do with myself this week. Do I attempt to run? Do I just do small tiny runs in an effort to stay loose for Saturday's crazy run (which by the way, has been upgraded to 4 miles of snow at the start thank you very much). Do I continue with my Wednesday lunch time run and my Thursday Folsom Lake Trail Runners Series race? I was contemplating downgrading to the 5K on Thursday instead of my usual 10K. Thoughts on that? Any experienced readers/lurkers/stalkers who never comment out there who can give me some good advice?

Otherwise, the upcoming Memorial Day weekend is predicted to have (besides an insane Western States Training Run) more BBQs than this vegetarian can probably handle. Yet, the Peanut will be over joyed to attend them all as she loves a good BBQ as long as hotdogs are involved.


  1. I posted about the Veggie Chase as well. Did your little one run? My wife was so upset to find out that they ran out of shirts for our daughter.
    What a fiasco!


  2. Jose, yes my little one ran. Well, stood there and cried out of complete fear because people were running all over the place. She also cried the entire 5K because it was way too bumpy for a "stroller run." I've posted my comments on active.com when they asked me for my "review" of the race. The lack of t-shirts was really just the topper on a bad cake.

  3. My .02, Given your recent sickness, etc I would pass on all quality running till Saturday. Saturday will be enough quality for the week and you will enjoy it more being rested. Looks like the weather will clear.

    PS - Pigeon has a new nickname, ask her.