Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I have been a bit MIA this week. Sorry about that. There was a lot of "grown-up" stuff going on in the trailmomma household this week. When did I grow up and why does life altering decisions make you feel so nauseous?

In an effort to sort out the 5 million "what if" type thoughts zooming through my head, I decided to head out to my Buffalo Chips workout last night. I am glad that I did as we did a ladder or pyramid workout.

We ran 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1000, 800, 600, 400 along with a mile and half warm up and a mile cool down. I actually ran with the faster group last night and was not last! Woot woot. Small victories.

Today I plan to hit my lunch time run. It seems like forever ago that I did that and really it was just last week. Amazing how much stress in a week can really either make time fly by or slow to a snail's pace.

Tonight the Peanut and I are surprising Vans by driving up to Prairie City and watching his mountain biking race. The weather is finally nice enough and the last time we saw him race, the Peanut was barely walking! I am sure I'll get quite the workout chasing her around tonight as well.

Vans and the Peanut 2009 race



  1. Hope all's okay in your household. Yes, being an adult can be way too taxing sometimes. I just don't like to be that mature. Have fun tonight. It's snowing here, so send some sunshine.

  2. Love that you have a "peanut" too! That's what we call oour little [9 year ols} kido!

    love the blog!

  3. Everything will work out the way that it was meant to be. You guys are totally doing the right thing and not rushing into something that might turn out to suck. Being an adult is such a bummer, eh?

    And OMG can we talk about how much Peanut has grown up in a year?! When you see the pics side-by-side like that it's just remarkable.

  4. I hope your lunch time run went well and you guys had fun tonight at the bike event. ;)

  5. what is amazing is that your child is learning HEALTHY living and being active by watching you guys! It's a rare thing these days, be proud.

  6. Yes being a grown up really does suck sometimes. Hang in there!
    You're not the only one to be MIA from our little blog world, I haven't been here since the weekend! SHeesh