Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I am 'lucky' in that I that work about a mile from my home. For the past three years, I have gone home for lunch. Initially when I started working here, I thought this would be a fantastic thing, no more packing lunches and no more long commutes. What I didn't realize is that I would spend the entire hour home, stuffing my pie hole eating us out of house and home. Then I began folding last night's laundry, emptying the dishwasher (because Vans strategically runs it when he leaves for work knowing all too well I won't let it sit and will empty it) or oddly enough grocery shopping. One's lunch hour should be "me time" as I like to call it and for 3 years, I have lost my "me time" fullfilling it with other household duties. Enough is enough.

Since I have been doing my Monday, Wednesday, Friday lunch time runs I have come to appreciate my "me time" at home. Today while running it hit me that the dishwasher will just have to sit until I get home later (or gasp, maybe Vans will actually empty it for once). These runs are beginning to show some results. Monday my average pace for my 3.5 mile run was 8:25 and today my average pace was 8:07. I am slowly making ground and getting a little faster. Nice. I look forward to these runs. They break up my day and provide me with a little "me time" smack dab in the middle of my day.

I will just have to see how my "me time" handles the hot summer temperatures but for now, it's perfect.

Even the Peanut is having a moment.


  1. I feel I must step in and defend Vans a fellow member of the Brotherhood of Man, (BoM) in regards to this post. But instead I will simply cite BoM law, (which is part of all marriage certificates, which you signed).

    BoM Section 567.4(d)(a) - Men do not have to do dishes. see also BoM section 568 concerning dishwashers.

    I will point out that Vans is violating BoM law and could have his ManCard taken for doing said dishes. Regardless he is obviously a generous man for extending himself. Pam you should be thankful he is so liberal.

    ***Vans when you read this stop doing any dishs so she will learn her place.****

    Pam you have been warned.


    ****Please don't tell Lily (Boss) that I posted this****

  2. HA! Your daughter looks PISSED in that picture. So funny! ;)

  3. Is Vans in any way related to my hubby, Jan?

  4. Anthony, can you please forward the BoM Rule Book to me and Vans? I just vacuumed... not sure if that was a violation. If it was, it won't happen again!

  5. I'll send you the 2009, 2010 book is still being proofed. BTW do you have the new fathers pamphlet from BoM? It's requiered reading for you and your wife with the baby on the way

    HAHAHAHA, ok we got to stop before we all end up on the couch for a week, I might be there already.


  6. Love it Anthony!!!

    Pam, you are so lucky to be able to get in a lunch time run. I wish I could do that, but I work in an industrial area with nothing but pavement - yuck!

    Wish I also only worked 1 mile from home - hhhmm

    Glad you are taking back your me time!!