Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Tonight will be the first time I am running with my old Buffalo Chips crew again. I am kind of skeered! I have not done any speed work drills in a very VERY long time. Tonight's scheduled workout is: 3(600) 3(800) and 2(1000). Ouch. 600s I don't mind, it is the 800s and the 1000s that really hurt.

Alas, it is necessary. I need to regain some speed and strength because I am contemplating some ROAD races in the very near future (GASP I know). First things first however, the Western States Training Run which is 32 miles of hardcore trails with hardcore people training for a hardcore 100 mile endurance run is later this month and my number one priority. Although, it hasn't cost me an arm and a leg to sign up, I will continue to do what I can when I can and just show up and run, take pictures and later share with all of you. You all know I really  run trails so I can take photographs right? I mean, running a road race and stopping to take a photo might seem weird right? Naaahhhh!

The Peanut also wants to get on the road again or rather for the first time . . . she only needs about two inches more and she'll be off on her own.

Birthday Gift: runner bike from mom & dad

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  1. Can't wait to see those Western States pics so yes, you have to show up and run. :)
    The Peanut looks like a pro on that bike. Just look how she is handling corners.