Friday, May 7, 2010


This post is WAY overdue. A while back the awesome people at thinkThin sent me some samples of their latest product and I promised I'd do a blog review of them.

thinkThin Bites

Being a gluten free runner/athlete I have limited choices when it comes to quick and easy things to eat. Most bars on the market today are NOT gluten free. I have always been a big time fan of  thinkThin Bars.

These bars are delicious and actually very filling. When I fly, I usually stock my purse with these because let's be honest, airport food stinks and when  you have to eat gluten free, it's even worse. Before these bars were on the market, my airport "meals" consisted of either Starbucks Coffee or TCBY yogurt. Not very healthy. These bars however have zero sugar and pack a whopping 20 grams of protein. Just look at these nutritional stats:

At 220 calories and 8 grams of fat, the bar is really a meal and believe me when I say, it will keep you going until the next meal. For me, it kept me hunger-free from Houston to Sacramento last summer!

So you can imagine how excited I was to see the thinkThin Bites arrive on the market. The Bites are the perfect inbetween meal snack or after dinner desset. They even SELL thinkThin Dessert Bars but my sample didn't include those and I actually found the bites to be quite enough after dinner.

The Bites are only 100 calories, contain zero sugars and range from 5 grams of protein to 8 grams of protein! They come in 3 different flavors: chocolate toffee nut, white chocolate raspberry and cookies and cream. Cookies and cream is my favorite only because I haven't been able to taste anything cookies and cream flavored since I went gluten free years ago.

For you celebrity hounds out there, it seems Gwyneth Paltrow used thinkThin products in her effort to get into shape for Iron Man 2. Sweet! You can read her fitness and diet plan here. I haven't seen the movie but I have seen pictures of Gwyneth and she is quite fit!

thinkThin has an been around since 1999 and was founded by model Lizanne Falsetto. You can read more about the history behind thinkThin here. I really like this company and what it supports. The company has raised more than $350,000 to fund research and education related to cancer and other epidemics. How awesome is that?

If you're interested in any of the thinkThin products you can find them at Trader Joes or Whole Foods. They cost more than the average bar but in my opinion, you're also getting more for your buck and sometimes they are on sale which is nice. Through today, if you want to order any thinkThin product from their website, you can enter the PROMO CODE: THINKVARIETY and score 20% off your order for Mother's Day.  

Stay tuned for my recap of last night's Folsom Lake Trail Runner Series Race #3. It was definitely a doozy!

Happy Friday all!


  1. I was late from my bike ride so I missed last night's beal's point race. Can't wait to read your race report!

  2. Those actually look really good. Now if we could just get a TJ's around here.

  3. Thanks for the review! Gluten free is hard sometimes especially when craving something cookies and cream!

  4. Thanks for the write up. I"ll have to try them out! I'm always looking for stuff that tastes good and is gluten-free.

  5. The bars taste great and I just had one today, but my concern is the Maltitol. I'm very surprised that Whole Foods carries them, because they're known to sell products that don't use artificial sweeteners, and Maltitol is up on the ranks with Splenda, Equal...etc.
    That said, I still like the bars once in a while, but I wish they would use a healthier natural sugar - like from dates, agave nectar, honey, etc. My bars of choice are Kind Bars and LaraBars.