Friday, May 28, 2010


The word "short" always gets a bad rap. No one likes to be labeled as short. Men especially do not like the word short (or small for that matter). If you talk to triathletes and you tell them you are doing a "short distance tri" they are usually quick to correct you with "you mean SPRINT distance, not short."

Last night I ran the "short course" for the Folsom Lake Trail Runners Series race at Beal's Point. Last year all I did was the short course. I loved it. I generally placed and I usually had negative splits. Last year's short course had a helluva lot more hills if my memory serves me correctly. However, last night's short course race was challegning for many reasons. Speaking with Scrapbook and Biceps last night, we determined that a full week off from racing probably had a lot to do with how "hard" last night's race seemed. The weather was also questionable. It didn't rain but the course was slippery. Still, it was a fun night. It made me realize how much I missed the short course.

When the whistle/horn/race director yelling "go" went off we were off and running. When my garmin beeped with the first mile I actually had a sigh of relief . . . "only 2 more to go!" as opposed to my usual "crap, 5 more to go."

The only downside I see of doing the short course is that you run into oncoming traffic on your way back to the finish. The long course is so spreadout that you generally do not have that problem. Still, on the flip side, it was nice to hear everyone cheering for you on your way back. Oh and this has to be said, THOSE ARE SOME CRAZY FAST 10, 11 and 12 YEAR OLDS! HOLY COW!!!!

Actually, I came in second female overall in the short course last night. The first, was a 12 year old from El Dorado Hills.
Yeah, she's serious.
photo from here

I had to do the short course last night with my big Western States 32 mile training run tomorrow and the fact I was sick as a dog all last week. I finished last night's run and proceeded to cough for about 30 minutes. Tomorrow should be um, fun?

The Peanut got to spend some time with Spy Girl last night before Van's made it home. She enjoyed that but she also enjoys playing with Daddy too.

Come on Daddy . . .

take my hand . . .

and watch me climb like a monkey!


  1. Congrats on placing 2nd! Best of luck tomorrow and that picture of the 12 year old is rather intimidating... hahaha!

  2. Look at that girl pressing the stop button on her wrist. Sheesh! So serious. LOL

    My brother used to call my daughter his "monkey buddy" when she was a baby and they would give "monkey hugs". ;)

  3. Don't get stuck in a snowdrift tomorrow :))) I'm so glad I'm doing the 'easy' run on Sunday!