Friday, May 14, 2010


Last night the running gods were shining on me in more ways than one! After the week I have been having, it was about darn time something positive happened to me.
Blessing numero uno: NO TRAFFIC! Well, very little compared to most Thursday nights when I am driving out to Folsom after work. This blessing allowed me to stop at the Folsom Outlets. Score. I am in dire need of work pants but the store I wanted to visit is on the other side of the outlets and I saw a sweet parking spot that I couldn't pass up. "Oh lookie here, it's right in front of the NIKE outlet. Score!" I am in some need of a new sports bra and Target (my usual spot for such things has decided to follow the trend and has added padding to the C9 compression bras WTF?" So into NIKE I went and what to my wondering eyes should appear? A SALE! I scored these:

Blessing numero duo: My favorte NIKE Tempo Shorts . . . for $9 each!!!! They are normally $28 a pair. So of course I bought 3 pairs along with two NIKE dry-fit shirts that were also only $9 each. Yes, I bought a sports bra that was on sale but unfortunately not a "deal" and I still miss my cheapo Target C9 brand.

Feeling much more chipper I left the store skipping. Okay, not really, more like running since I realized I might actually be late to my race. Whoops.

I arrived at Negro in enough time to hit the porta potty and even go for a warm up run with Captain Kirk. This is only the second time I've done a warm up run before the race and it has always been at the Negro course. I am starting to believe that maybe it helps?!

I took my obligatory pre-race Vanilla Gu because my tummy was growling. 6:15 pm is such a rough start time for a race especially when you come straight from a full 8 hour work day. You can't really eat before but you're kind of hungry.

The race starts and I notice that I was the first woman in the pack. Uh-oh, that can't be good. I was running steady for about a mile and a half when I heard the familiar foot steps of Big D coming up behind me. She passed me as usual. She's so strong! I kept her in my sights however for most of the run. At one point I noticed a woman behind me but I couldn't tell what age group she was in and just assumed it was mine so I wouldn't stop. I felt great compared to last week. Amazing what a good nights sleep will do for you!

Apparently last night I was also channeling Maria Sharapova because I noticed as I was climbing the hills I was one of those annoying runners that breathes super loud almost grunting. I realized what I was doing and sort of laughed and noticed as I was approaching the 5K runners from behind that they all heard me before they saw me! Note to self, must work on that, ugh.

The woman I saw in the beginning never passed me and as it turns out she wasn't in my age bracket anyways. I ended up coming in second female over all and first in my age group (blessing #3)!! I must state however that the girl who usually wins my age group, not to mention the 10K race overall, was a no show last night. Stacey Armijo whoever you are, you are damn fast but thank you for taking a night off to help boost my ego!

On my way home I stopped at Dos Coyotes and picked up the Yucatan Salad (vegetarian) for Vans and I to split when I got home.

Heaven! Vans surprised me by having a nice bottle of wine opened and waiting (blessing #4).  It was a nice end to a craptastic week.

Now comes the part that I know most of you lurkers/follwers/stalkers really enjoy . . . the segment that is:
What does the Peanut do while trailmomma is out running? Since trailmomma and family are headed to Tahoe for a weekend of fun and relaxation, I most likely won't be blogging, heck, I might not even be running, so I leave you with . . .  Peanut photo overload! Enjoy and happy Friday!

Dinner time!

But first I need to take this really important call.

Then it is park time. Contemplating my route up.

Finally, if you are a compression sock lover like myself, head on over to SkinnyRunner and check out her review of the Zensah compression socks.


  1. sweet job on the race! Love that you had such a good day :)

  2. YEAH!!!!
    To everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have an awesome weekend girl, you deserve it!

  3. Great Job!!!! I will miss my running partner on Saturday and will actually be a little lost with what to do.....Have a great weekend!!!!

  4. blessings galore for you, Pam! How cool is that?? Congrats on your first place AG win, woo hoo!!