Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Last night I ran with the Buffalo Chips. Pre-Peanut I used to run with them on a regular basis at all their workouts but then life came along and I found myself only making the Tuesday night runs. That's okay. Tuesday night's speed drills are more than enough for me.

After a race to pick up the Peanut, head home, change and do a "hand-off" with Vans, I was out the door and on my way. When I arrived I found a familar face, my friend Mrs. Urban Cow (she is named such because she won the contest changing the Sacramento Cowtown Marathon name this past winter - it is now called The Urban Cow Half Marathon). Urban Cow has been injured and this was also her first night back with the group. We decided to jump into the lower B group of runners (the groups are split up into A (fast) B (medium pace) and C (beginners/walkers). We normally run with the A group, Urban Cow does so because she is actually really fast and myself because most of my friends are in that group and they tend to finish early, so I take up the caboose.

Last night's workout was 3x600, 3x800 and 2x1000 with a mile and a half warmup/cool down. Immediately on my warmup my legs felt like I was running in quicksand and they never recovered. I won't scare anyone with my horrible splits and honestly, I stopped looking after a while myself. I only managed the 600s and the 800s bailing on the 1000s because I had a case of the Shut Up and Run syndrome. I was done. It seems I have been battling a tummy bug off and on and I am thinking maybe I am slightly dehydrated. I drink water but since I have started my afternoon lunch time runs 3 days a week, perhaps I am not compensating for the additional mileage (in the heat). Working on that. I need to put down the Peet's and pick up the aqua.

There have been a few questions and comments made about Western States. No, I am not running it. Perhaps some day I will as it was always a dream of mine to run that race. However, I can honestly say I won't be running it anytime soon. When I do, I want the  Peanut to be old enough to understand what I am doing and to be able to help and be there for support. Western States is an amazing race that deserves respect and committment and unfortunately, I am not able to do that right now. Some day though, some day.

In the meantime, I will stick with local runs and races. I have a half marathon on the horizon and the Western States Training run so that should keep me busy for a while.

Meanwhile, Peanut is busy helping Vans sell wine. She knows a good vintage when she sees one!

Mmm, Sangiovese, Mom's favorite!

You want how much for this?


  1. i dont even drink wine but id buy a bottle from her!

  2. I'll take a couple bottles!! Seriously.

  3. What half marathon are you thinking of doing next? I've been trying to find a good half locally but can't find one.

  4. K: My half is not local, it is out of state. But there is the Avenue of the Vines in Lodi on May 16th and then Napa to Sonoma Half on July 18th. You can check out