Friday, May 21, 2010


Last night my FLTR Series race didn't happen. For some reason or another, both Vans's mountain biking and my trail racing had the week off. In an effort to keep a routine (of sorts) Vans and his buddy "Sarcasm" had a brilliant idea of getting our two families together for an evening BBQ at Beal's Point. The men would go and mountain bike for an hour and the women, myself and Sarcasm's wife "Biceps" would then go for a trail run while the kids all played at the beach and ate hot dogs.

The Peanut and I headed out to Beal's right from work. I had loaded the car with all sort of beach and BBQ paraphernalia. I also included the Peanut's new Strider Bike and helmet hoping that perhaps the other kids would ride it and maybe show her how it is done.

Lil' Man taking it for a spin

My plan didn't exactly work however. You see, Lil'Man and Sarcasm's older daughter have never seen these bikes before. Not long after the above photo Lil'Man took a dive which the Peanut saw which did not bode well in my effort to convince her to get back on the bike.

Ah well. I had a great 5.7 mile trail run with Biceps. She's super fast and strong and was very curious what the 10K Beal's Point course looked like. We didn't run the entire course but she got a good taste of the hills and the intensity of the sun beating down you in certain unshaded areas. When we returned the men had the BBQ running and beers flowing.

The kids were nice and sandy and quite content. Not your regular Thursday night activity for either family but still, a good time had by all. Especially the Peanut!
Checking out the murky waters at Beal's Point

Getting nice and muddy!


Tomorrow I am hooking up with Coach Nikon and Pigeon for a nice long run on the bike trail. We're thinking 20 miles or so which will be interesting considering I haven't run long distances in quite a few weeks. Running with those two however never disappoints and I am actually really looking forward to it.

Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway! I'll pick a random winner Sunday night! Happy Friday!!!

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  1. I like your daughter's shirt - I'd give her a hug (with Mom's permission) if she came into my store.
    You should ask your Sacto REI friend if he saw Ellen, she was getting a bit of attention that day because of her recent makeover. ;)