Thursday, December 30, 2010


Vans has the week off from work. Lucky guy. He should be home working on house projects but it seems every day there has been some sort of 'obstacle' preventing him from getting too far. One bonus is that the plumbers arrived on Tuesday and installed some sink fixtures we've been needing forever. One downer is the shower fixture wasn't the correct model and therefore I will not be showering in my new shower until after the New Year. Maybe that is a sign that 2011 will bring good things or at the very least, a nicer shower.

Earlier this week the Peanut spent the morning at a daycare up in EDH vs her normal one down in Sacramento. Vans is thinking about moving her . . . I am against it 100% but was willing to let her explore and visit with the new center for 3 or 4 hours.

Despite screaming her bloody head off when Vans dropped her off (and stayed 30 minutes with her and the other kids) she apparently had an "okay" time. She told me she had fun but that she didn't want to return.

This daycare is smaller, closer and cheaper than the one she attends now. I love the one she attends now because they have a better facility and I can commute with the Peanut on a daily basis ensuring some quality time with her and use of the carpool lane on highway 50. Yes, I am using my child as a passenger for commuting purposes but we do laugh and sing on occasion. Promise.

The decision hasn't been finalized but I we need to figure out some future details for sure. I want to be clear, isn't that I do not like this new daycare .  .  . I just prefer the old one instead.

She had to sit near the teacher at all times

working with chalk

getting spoiled by Daddy
after being picked up

Who knows what decisions we'll make in the future. Right now my only future decision is that I must go for a run tomorrow. Maybe I'll go the same route I've been recently or maybe I'll branch out . . . regardless, I am hitting the streets tomorrow and hopefully a few more times this weekend!

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