Saturday, December 11, 2010



Yup, today is my birthday. So far so good. It started with a hair cut last night which was loads of fun for all (fyi, it had been since March that I cut my hair. Um, yeah I needed it).

Proof: The Before Photo
(nice wrinkly forehead)

Before Part 2
Peanut enjoyed some frozen yogurt while we waited

Then while I was "drying"
the Peanut got her own hair done!

She was really well behaved during the whole thing. Vans showed up about half way through and then my hair dresser wanted to do the Peanut's hair. She was the hit of the salon. Her hair was so cute.

Clearly way cuter than mine:

The finished product.

She did it super straight and way more sleek than I could ever or would ever do but it was nice not to have massive roots and dead ends showing. 

After the salon we went to our first holiday party where the Peanut had a blast. She made friends with two twin 5 year olds and we barely saw her all night. Wonderful.

Fast forward to this morning, my actual birthday and we all woke up flying out of bed and racing out the door. Vans and the Peanut were headed to a 5K race near Van's work. They did this event last year as a father/daughter team. It was extra special this year because the "big man" himself was there.

AND he had candy canes. 

Putting on her race number

Ready to race!

Vans is a bit sore, the old ankle isn't quite healed yet but when I asked the Peanut if they "won" she said "yup, sure did!" haha

While they were out racing,  I was headed to meet some old friends.

The "old" Ultra Group!

Garmin was there as well as Pigeon, Miss P, Molasses and Boss. The Fleet Feet ultra training group has started up again and most of the old gang is running (minus Garmin and myself). They have a bunch of new people too and it looks to be a really good group. Captain Kirk and Coach Nikon said Garmin and I could come out and run with them. 

I haven't run much in a long while. I've been having some heart rate issues (going too high) but I am beginning to realize that even though we moved to a slightly higher elevation (barely) it might actually be playing into my heart rate issues (not to mention the killer hills around here). Today's run was fun. My heart rate was steady and I ran 5 solid miles. I felt great despite the foggy weather.

And boy was it FOGGY out there!

And like classic Trailmomma, I made a quick stop here on my return.

I missed Pigeon waiting 
outside taking photos though. 
She's in "training" now and too fast for me. :-)

Overall, I had a great birthday morning. After the run the foggy air made for a chilly post run hangout and so I did not hang around long and instead raced home to get in the shower and make some coffee in a nice quiet house. 

Later Vans and the Peanut arrived home with flowers and balloons and we're going out to dinner later tonight. All in all, I'd say a great way to celebrate a birthday. 


  1. Happy Birthday Trailmomma!! :) Great haircut...and I love the father/daughter run!

  2. Happy Birthday Trailmomma!!!! Sorry I missed you at the bathroom. Great seeing you today and I love the hair! Enjoy your day. Looking forward to seeing you out on the trails when ever you can!

  3. Happy Birthday!! Great running with you and catching up a bit!

  4. I can never seem to do my hair the same way as the day I get it cut. :(

    I'm glad you had a nice birthday with the family.

    Don't you hate it when friends are in training? I have one friend that is constantly training for one thing or another. I can never do anything with her. Gah!

  5. Happy Birthday. Love your new haircut.