Tuesday, December 14, 2010


We're in for another long week of hard rain here. At least my birthday weekend was fantastic! As I mentioned, I ran 5 on Saturday with my old ultra group. That was great. On Sunday I had some solo time and tackled some ginormous hills in my new neighborhood that took me to what the Peanut calls "the BIG beautiful park" . . . so cute. Here is the view from the big beautiful park:

That is Folsom Lake in the distance

This park is really nice and has a playground just right for the Peanut and some "exploring" areas that we had visited earlier in the day.

Hey follow me mommy!


She ended up playing mostly on the swings because as usual, most of the playground was wet from all the rain we have been having. Boo.


With the holidays upon us so quickly after the move, the settling in time has been a bit slow. I do have a new dining room table that I am SUPER excited about. I'll have to post some pictures of it. Yes, we replaced the one that bit the dust on Thanksgiving Day.

One nice thing about moving during the holidays is that all your holiday decorations are already out and waiting to be put up. I've had ours up since Thanksgiving because I didn't want to store the boxes only to pull them out again a week later.

Other than that, I skipped Monday morning's workout because the Peanut woke up at 12:30 in the morning and when my alarm went off at 5 am I was toast. I redeemed myself today and headed out onto the elliptical and read my new birthday present from my Step mom aka Jersey Mom . . . she got me a year's subscription to Trail Runner magazine! Sweet! I felt like I was actually running on some trails while reading from my boring elliptical this morning.

I need to figure out which box my free weights are in so I can get back on that band wagon too. I was doing very well and was very consistent for a while before we moved. Vans packed the weights and I have no idea where they or my stability ball are right now. Easy excuse huh?

Even though the rest of this week calls for rainy nights we have a few holiday adventures planned. Apparently the big man himself, Santa Claus goes through the neighborhood on a fire truck a few nights this week making the kids super excited. We plan to figure out exactly where he passes and head out to see him. Then, we also plan on hitting up the Folsom Zoo as they do an enchanted forest of lights apparently with music and other fun stuff for the kids.

I do love the holidays despite all the craziness moving has thrown at us lately. Vans, the Peanut and I are all home on Christmas Eve so I am looking forward to relaxing with my family and prepping for the next day's celebration.

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