Thursday, December 2, 2010


Wow it's been almost a week since my last post. I don't think that has ever happened in Trailmomma history. Shame shame I know your name!

My apologies but life has been hectic and well, running has been pretty much nonexistent. That will soon change however.

My first attempt this morning was not successful but I realize now what I need to do in order to make it happen. I woke up at 5:15 this morning with good intentions of running/walking around my (very) hilly neighborhood to test out the whole "morning routine" thing. At 5:15 I woke up and made the mistake of looking out my window. Darkness. Total darkness. There are no street lamps in our new neighborhood and all the homes turn off their property lights probably around midnight or so. I basically just freaked myself out of a run. I have a headlamp and reflectors and a flashlight etc but still, it was freaky!

So this only encouraged me to nag, I mean ask, Vans to please hook up our elliptical and remove the surrounding boxes in the garage so I can at the very least go out and use that in the mornings. My mother-in-law is offering us her treadmill which is ancient but better than nothing. Eventually we'll move that up to our new home and then I can alternate between elliptical and treadmill until daylight starts returning or at the very least being a little less dark in the mornings.

Weekends however, no more excuses. I have to work this Saturday but I know the sun is some what up by 7:00 am so I should in all theory be able to go out and do something before I have to leave for work. Granted, we're still in boxes (garage only) and our master bathroom is fixture-less right now but that shouldn't stop me from putting on my running shoes and hitting the pavement. Baby steps. I have to remember, running makes me happy and keeps me sane and during stress full times like the holidays and with moving, I need it.

The commute is putting a little damper on my evening time. Some days the commute is fine and other days it stinks and we don't get home until 6pm and then we have to do dinners, baths, jammies and story time for the Peanut who is also exhausted. Time. All we need is time to get settled. The rest will fall into place.

This week our after work adventures have been Lowes and Costco. The Peanut adores all the Christmas decorations at Lowes but Costco wins overall because they serve giant hot dogs and frozen yogurt in her two favorite flavors (vanilla and chocolate).


  1. YAY on the run.

    and seriously.

    Costco IS my playground.

    Love it!! :)

  2. it sometimes happen to me too, there are times when running seems so difficult..but don't give up..just keep running...

  3. A week is nothing! No need to apologize to us.
    I *love* the frozen yogurt at Costco too. ;)