Friday, December 31, 2010


When you work 6 days a week with two 14+ hour days mid-week, accomplishing things can be tough. Don't forget having and tending to a family to the mix on top of all that. Which is why having today off from work (all jobs) means the world to me.

I woke up ready to go. First item, have coffee (easy enough), second item get the Peanut up and ready with breakfast. Third item? GO FOR A RUN!! I was going to run through some other areas of the neighborhood today but something took me to my old route (the local high school).

Now as most of you know, I am from New Jersey. Which means I grew up waking up extra early to shovel the driveway and defrost the car before leaving for school/work. Since living in California I admit I have become a bit acclimated to the temperatures and find 50 degrees quite chilly at times. Well now we live in El Dorado Hills which is only 30 miles up the hill but for some reason, it just seems COLDER here in the mornings.

38 degrees

And for my Canadian friends . . .

So not cold to them, I know.

I am used to running in 30 degree temps but not lately and not since moving up here. It was a little chilly out at first and I had to be careful not to step on this ...

That is ice or as the Canadians would probably say "frost" but it was every where and quite slippery. Just ask the guy cycling who tried to do a fancy trick at the stop light and landed on his bum (he was fine, just a bruised ego).

The sun was out and the air was crisp. I had a good run and then immediately came home and took down all the Christmas decorations in my sweaty state. Minus the tree as I need Van's help for that one. After that I conquered all the toilets, mirrors, sinks and tubs/showers in the house. Go me.

The Peanut also helped me accomplish another item that has been sitting around the house all week . . .

Santa brought her a toy tool box for Xmas

She likes to work two handed

Very focused

Final product.
A cabinet for our shoes, hats and gloves!

Now we're off to have a Trailmomma adventure and maybe head up the hill to see some pretty sights.
Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Nah, ice is ice and frost is the stuff you scrape off your car! And 4C definitely ain't cold in Whistler. I mean, by all accounts is IS "cold", but today I would absolutely take 4C over -12C!

  2. I should do the conversion -12C = 6F .

  3. Great job on your run!!!!Looks like the Peanut is enjoying her new tool set. Have a great new year day!

  4. D would be uber jealous of the tool set! Glad you got your run on! I beat you with the temps today, but two whole degrees, ha ha.