Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Last night on our way home from work (aka our long commute), the Peanut and I met Vans at Lowe's for some returns and new purchases.

The Peanut LOVES Lowe's. She thinks it is the "Christmas Store" because of all the decorations they have hanging all over the place. It is all we can do to just pull her away from it and get the boring household items we came for.

After Lowe's we all drove home and had dinner. Vans had the great idea to go for a walk. Sure it was 7:30 pm and pitch black outside but the weather was cool and crisp and the Peanut was not going to bed anytime soon (she had a lollipop at Lowe's).

So I made Vans wear my reflective NIKE vest and I wore my other reflective vest. Grabbed our flashlights and my headlamp and off we went around the block. The whole trip is only .7 miles around but it has some killer hills and pushing an almost 40 lb kid in a stroller is tough. We had to stop at and see all the homes with Christmas lights. We have a few "Griswald" type neighbors so it is pretty darn cool. Our home isn't very Christmas like on the outside currently because we're in desperate need of more lights and extension cords. That happens when you move from a tiny condo to a much larger home.

The other highlight of my evening was Vans hooking up the elliptical! It is facing a wall currently but it is at least up and running and since I was able to go to work late today, I woke up and jumped on it. I need to prepare myself for a much earlier wake up tomorrow but it felt FANTASTIC to be up early and sweating!!! Oh how I missed it. I took it a bit easy today because the elliptical has not been used in over a year but I think tomorrow I will bust out my old elliptical workouts and really get moving.

And finally, the last "exciting" thing that happened last night . . . the Peanut's new car seat arrived. She's had her current one for SO long and she doesn't do well with change so I was afraid she would not like this seat very much.

Apparently I had nothing to worry about.
She loves it.


  1. Peanut is ADORABLE...I love that she thinks Lowe's is a Christmas store. Busy day!

  2. That is too funny about Lowes, Lil Man loves that store also.
    Looking forward to saturdays run, it has been so long since we ran together.

  3. I want to throw up everytime my husband mentions "Lowes".
    Hubby's foot is all better now? I guess I must have missed that update.

  4. Girl you are way too nice to me. You look like you are in your early twenties. First season of BL was the best. Have a great Wednesday!