Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Woot woot! I woke up at 5 am this morning without any problems and hit the old (dusty) elliptical for a short workout. I incorporated a few 'pick-ups' here and there. I wanted to go longer but had to cut it short due to Vans needing the shower for an early meeting. I always prefer showering before him, don't ask me why.

Jo Lynn had asked about Van's ankle and I realize I never really gave an update. He's doing much better. Off the boot and only needs the ankle brace on occasion. He did the Run To Feed The Hungry 5K walk with us and we even ran part of the way. He is doing his own 5K this Saturday with the Peanut (it's so cute, daddy and Peanut race time together) and he has already hit the slopes on his snowboard. The only trouble he has had is when snowboarding as he found that really gave him some pain ankle wise. However, with all this fresh powder Tahoe is getting right now, there is no way he'd sit out from a day of boarding.

Today begins the start of a crazy rest of the week for me. Tonight after my "regular job" I head to one of my part-time jobs at ARCO Arena (GO KINGS!). Then tomorrow night, I head to my second part-time job after my "regular" job (get that? tired yet?). I am excited about tomorrow night's job though because they are going to be talking about this. That's right, my old Ultra Training Group is starting up again! Yea!!!! Unfortunately I will not be joining them on the trails much this year (for various reasons) but I am heading out for their very first run this Saturday morning and I am super excited about it.

What I am not excited about is the fact that I will be missing the Peanut both tonight and tomorrow night due to working so late. Sniff sniff. She's growing so fast these days it is unreal. Her class photos are in and are ADORABLE. I am not going to post her individual photo here . . . yet because they may or may not be used as Christmas gifts this year but I will post her class photo because it is too adorable not to!

Peanut is bottom row, second from left

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  1. Too cute! It sounds like you're getting settled enough in the new place to move up on the hierarchy of needs. YAY!