Sunday, December 26, 2010


Merry Christmas everyone. I've been very MIA lately but with good reason. Our first Christmas in the new home was awesome. The Peanut made out like a bandit in the gifts department and I am sure you'll be bombarded by me with photos throughout the week.

Christmas Eve was great because not only did I have the day off but it was sunny AND I went for a run. I decided it was time to explore this new neighborhood of mine. I made some nice discoveries which I will share later.

Christmas Eve we made our "rounds" visiting the in laws, my aunt and seeing the Christmas lights down in Sacramento with friends. It was a nice evening.

Christmas day the Peanut woke up, walked by ALL the presents and said to me "mommy daddy ate Santa's cookies!" I stifled my laugh and I said "no honey, SANTA ate Santa's cookies and look what he left for you!" She cried out "PRESENTS!" and the day was hit from that point on.

All the Peanut wanted from Santa was a slide. It was quite obvious Santa had not left a slide near the tree but she handled it well. After opening all her gifts we asked her if she got everything she wanted and she said "Santa forgot the slide" oh how my heart broke. Then we told her that we heard some noises upstairs and that she should take a look .  . . up the stairs she went and there in all its glory was a slide and another special toy that found its way into Santa's sleigh. I don't have a photo of the slide (yet) but check out the special toy Santa left for the Peanut:

The roller coaster and slide are the perfect tool to tire the Peanut out at the end of the day. Thanks Santa!

My in laws came over for dinner later in the day which was really really nice. I made lasagna which was both easy and tasty. Come Christmas day evening, everyone was full and exhausted. That is a great combination.

Evidently today we were still exhausted because all of us accidentally slept in, INCLUDING the Peanut. We had a birthday ride and brunch to attend for one of our dear friends and we were running a bit late but sleeping in felt great.

Our dear friend Paul "PINKHOUSE" Camerer turned 92 today. He has been a blessing in our lives for quite a few years now and is the absolute model of inspiration and health. Three days a week he hosts a spin workout in his garage in River Park. When we lived in Sacramento Vans and I would alternate going. Today we held a ride in his honor. Check out how cool this is and how cool Pinkhouse is!

This is the group on their bike trainers. Pinkhouse is so high tech that everyone is strapped up to a heart rate monitor which feeds to a screen for all to see. That way no one can slack off and not ride to their maximum heart rate. Makes for a fantastic workout.

The birthday boy (in red)

What an inspiration no? While Vans and everyone was spinning, the Peanut and I were playing hide and seek and jumping in leaf piles. In other words, having our own fun.

After the ride we all drove over to The Corner Restaurant for some yummy breakfast and to celebrate Pinkhouse's birthday some more. The Peanut enjoyed the biggest plate of breakfast potatoes I have ever seen and was a happy little Peanut.


After the breakfast we visited with my father-in-law, picked up more left over crap from our old house and then eventually made our way home.

The day was so beautiful that I decided to go for yet another run in the same direction I had gone on Christmas Eve. I just could not pass up another chance to run out doors since it has been raining so much (not to mention working too much).

(for you Pigeon)

I followed a little bike/walking path to what will some day be the Peanut's future High School.

Very 90210 like

This is one of the nicest high schools I have ever seen. On Friday I wandered around the campus. Yes, campus. I come from the east coast where we never had to go outside to go to class or go to a different building.

What makes this high school even cooler (for me) is that is has one amazing track that is open to the public! When I stumbled across it on Friday I chatted with a man who was walking the track and asked him if the public could use it and he said yes . . . so today I ran to the track (about 1.5 miles from my house) and then did a mile around the track itself!

sweet track

I am looking forward to doing my speed work here. I never did track in high school so I guess I better refresh my memory as to how far around a high school track is!

Since I was on borrowed time I ran home after that rounding out 4 miles. Part hilly and part flat. All perfect.

I enjoy our new home (when I am not away at work) and all that my new neighborhood has to offer. New traditions all around but no matter what, I enjoy having my family with me to make these memories.

I will have to do another post on what Santa brought the Peanut, Vans and myself. More than anything he brought us health and happiness this season.


  1. HOw great to have a public track within running distance.

  2. The track should be around 400m/lap which is approx 1/4 mile. 4 laps = 1 mile.

    All weather, too eh? No excuses! Haha

  3. I recognize that high school. I used the large parking lot next to the track to teach my youngest how to drive stick - yikes!

    It IS a really nice high school. You've got several years though before the Peanut will be able to use it - LOL

    If I ever get over this heel problem of mine, I'll join you for speed work. I'm approx 1.5 miles from the school too.

    Oh and I'm totally jealous of the Peanut's new roller coaster. I so need one of those in my house - for me that is - LOL

    Happy new years!