Thursday, June 10, 2010


This is where I went to college . . .

No, it isn't a catholic or religious school. It's a small college in Hamden Connecticut located at the foot of Sleeping Giant State Park. When I was accepted it was called Quinnipiac College. While attending people called it Quinnipiac and the year after I graduated it was changed to Quinnipiac University.

I really don't know what to tell people when they ask me where I went to school. Talk about an identity crisis. I do believe my diploma says Quinnipiac College though. Still, I cannot deny the beauty of the campus and its convenient 2 hour drive from my NJ home (far, but not too far right?).

That tall white tower is the library. On the hour and half hour it would chime and play music. During the holiday season it would also play holiday tunes. Living there for four years you tend forget about it and not even realize that it was chiming.

Yesterday during my lunch hour run I was instantly flooded with memories. You see, I run 3.5 miles around the California State University Sacramento campus (CSUS), Van's alma mater. They too have a clock that chimes (or dings?) on the hour and half hour. How I did not notice this before on prior runs I do not know but I heard it yesterday and memories of college came flooding back to me. They were quickly halted however when a college student walking to class said "excuse 'mam" as they walked by me. Hmph. I guess my college days are over no matter how hard I try to pretend I am an undergrad running through campus instead of a fulltime working married mother of a 2 year old desperately trying to squeeze in a run during my lunch hour.

The Peanut has been talking for weeks now about "running a race" and also "winning a race." She wears this race medal around the house all.the.time! I'll have to get a picture it is super cute. She tends to lean towards whatever event either Vans and I are doing that evening. Tonight for example, she'll talk racing and running since I am running out at Beal's Point. Wednesdays, it's all about biking because Van's rides his mountain bike at Prairie City. Here she is tuning up her own bike . . .

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