Monday, June 7, 2010


Sunday was the NIKE Womens Fitness Festival 5K downtown. It is one of the largest 5K races in Sacramento. 3,500 women particpated this year. That's a lot of estrogen in a small radius.

I have done this race 3 times. Once before I had the Peanut in 2007. I ran a 22:51 (7:22/mile), my fastest 5K ever. I skipped 2008 due to a newly born Peanut and instead ran the race in 2009 just after the Peanut's first birthday. I ran 22:26 (7:14/mile) a new PR. Sunday I ran 22:35 (7:17/mile). Not quite a PR but decent I suppose considering I have not raced a 5K in a very long time. I was 11th in my age group (out of 202) and 37th overall. Considering the Peanut had gone to bed late and had woken up super early that morning, I am quite surprised I even made it to the starting line.

That was also my first run since Thursday night's exhausting trail race. I am trying to figure out my running future these days. Obviously trail running lends itself to a better trailmomma blog with photos and stories of wild crazy turkey attacks and of course fun adventures with Pigeon and Coach Nikon. The problem lies with finding an allotment of time for trail running since most of the "fun" trails are about an hours drive from my home. I am also doing a road half marathon in about 3 weeks so I probably should get reaquainted with pavement (my knees are aching just writing that). However, road running is usually quite boring. Decisions decisions.

The trailmomma household has also been house hunting as we have slowly been outgrowing our little condo. I am anxious to branch out and finally have a home, with a yard. However house hunting in itself requires time on the weekends. Who said being an adult was fun? Bleh.

So I apologize for a sporadic if sometimes lack luster trailmomma blog. My head is in 1000 places these days and my heart is well, also in a 1000 places and sometimes (most times) the two are not in the same place at once.

Also lack luster lately? My camera skills. No photos of the Peanut from the weekend. I know I know, tsk tsk trailmomma! So I leave you with another family member photo . . . Jack the Cat . . .

enjoying his evening news with Channel 10.


  1. Yer still pretty darn fast!! I feel your pain about trying to find the time right now... but you'll figure it out! Blogs are better when they involve turkeys and pee.

  2. Not taking anything away from Jack the Cat, but shouldn't Vans be on the photo thing? Isn't he like, the photographer of the family? LOL

  3. Wow - what is awesome that you were so close to your PR given the circumstances! WTG Trailmomma! and yes, house hunting takes a lot of time