Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Recovery. A very important often over looked part of training and running. Throughout my Way Too Cool 50K and American River 50 Miler training I took recovery very seriously. I would do ice baths immediately upon arriving home, I would eat something with some form of protein in it within 30 minutes of my run. Did I do any of this after Saturday's epic run? Um, nope. Now I suffer.

Instead of coming home and jumping in our frigid community pool, I hopped on a bike and tootled around the neighborhood. Instead of eating immediately upon finishing, I changed and jumped in line to get a massage and SAT for a good 20 minutes waiting. Wrong wrong wrong!

Today is Wednesday, 4 days post run and my quads are still screaming at me. Due to time and commitment issues, I wasn't able to get a recovery run in until last night. Ouch. I ran 4 miles last night but it felt like I had tree stumps attached to my body and my ankle was so not happy. That little injury that I heard nothing more from on Saturday is starting to rear its ugly head with a wobbly, weak ankle and some mild swelling. Grrrreeat. Oh and did I mention I have a 5K race this Sunday? Yup, I really didn't think I'd PR this Sunday (it's a race I often do PR in) due to all my trail runs and lack of speed work. Now I can really say I won't be PR'ing. I am not even sure I'll be able to run tomorrow's Folsom Lake Trail Runners 10K race at Negro! I am seriously considering bowing down to the 5K again.

Hind sight is 20/20 right? Boy have I learned my lesson. The Peanut is enjoying my time home although she gets quite the kick out of watching momma climb down the stair backwards and yelp when she bounces onto my quads. Things are definitely improving though and I am hopeful that by tomorrow I will be able to run without too much trouble.

I've just been enjoying my time with the family. The Sunday after the big run we attended a birthday party for the Peanut's best friend Little REI. She had a blast.

 The Peanut coming down the "water slide"

Memorial Day Monday we drove to our friend's cabin in Tahoe. The Peanut had a blast there as well.

A great view from their deck.

It was chilly and then rained so we stayed indoors.

The Peanut lost her shorts some how . . .


  1. Hope those quads feel better. I always underestimate the power of recovery. I's a good lesson!

  2. Little REI - tee hee. ;)

    I'm not good about stretching but I am good at having a protein smoothie after a run or a ride. I hope your pain gets better very quickly.

  3. I'm still going downstairs backward too! It's ok to be different, right?

    Good luck tonight!