Friday, June 11, 2010


Last night was race number seven I believe of the Folsom Lake Trail Runner Series. Location? Beals Point, my least favorite spot. The weather could not have been better; breezy, not too hot and some cloud cover. It was a perfect evening for running.

By the look of the crowd it seemed that the numbers were low for the 10K. I heard through Biceps that the 5K actually had more runners than normal. Maybe everyone who shows up for the 10K was feeling the work-day funk like me? Man, working 8 hours a day at a desk job and then racing an hour after you get off work is a struggle for me. I can't seem to get my legs and stomach revved up to race.

The best part of my evening however was having my two biggest fans there to cheer me on. Vans and the Peanut came out to the race. Like I said in my previous post, the Peanut has been really into "racing" lately and she thoroughly enjoyed watching last night's race.

As usual I hovered over the start line with my pal Big D. Ironically the entire starting herd missed the very first turn! I think this might have been my fault. Whoops. We all laughed. When we hit the single tracks I was right on Big D's tail and feeling really good. Then we hit the hill leading to the fire-road behind Cavitt Stallman. Bye bye Big D! She was gone in a flash. That woman can run up any hill like she owns it!

Me? I struggle. I did run into Shannon the Trail Turtle which totally made my night because she cheered me on up that hill! Thanks Shannon!!! From here I traded places with a gentleman a few times. He would lead, then I would lead. We hit the water tower hill and my legs, feeling like lead, made it up by walking the ups and running on the straighter portion of the switchbacks. I do admit, it definitely felt "easier" than races past. I also realized at this point, that it would be my last time climbing that hill in the series! Woot woot! More on that later.

The downside of the water tower hill is always fun, especially now that my knee (knock on wood) no longer hurts. I passed on the water station (big mistake). Heading back towards the finish I was cruising along by myself, the earlier gentleman was behind me quite a ways when all of a sudden I almost ran into someone coming down the water tower hill trail that I had previously run up! Who was flying down that hill? Why my old ultra-runner crush (and former Summer 7 coach) Tim Twietmeyer! Behind him was Coach Mo Bartley. They were out measuring the trails for their Summer 7 program that starts this weekend. Coach T had his fancy dancy GPS locator thingy-majig. They said "hi" and "you go girl" and off they ran . . . blazing past me.  That made me smile. They are so nice and always supportive when I see them.

The gentleman that was behind me did eventually catch me and pass me and I never saw him again. I think at some point on the return I realized that no one else was in my age bracket and that I could potentially get first place even with my mediocre run. There were 3 or 4 women ahead of me but none of them were in my age group. Was that lazy of me? Maybe. I don't think it really matters anyway as I discovered the FLTRS awards and BBQ will be held after the last race of the series. The one race that I am in fact missing since I will be out of town. Bummer! The BBQ is generally a good time with a lot of good raffle prizes.

As for the final results from last night, I have no idea. They have not been posted yet and it was getting close to the Peanut's bath and bedtime so we left the race quickly after I finished. Still, I think the Peanut had a blast and that's what really matters to me.
Having some dinner while mom is out racing.

This next series of photos are my favorite . . .

The Peanut spies mom coming down the finish shoot & takes off running!

Big hug for momma!

Yeah! You're back. Now pick me up!

My biggest fan!


  1. As I was driving out you were coming up the paved section. I cheered for you as we passed. Glad your knee is feeling better.

  2. I heard you but wasn't sure if it was you! :-) Thanks! I needed that cheer on the final stretch!