Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I've been running, but not enough to blog about really. Bike trails plain and simple. Tomorrow is the Folsom Lake Trail Runners Race out at Beal's Point. I hope to have more energy and spunk than I did last week.

Today I might try and run during my lunch hour just to see how the legs are holding up.

Mostly, my evenings have been spent this way:

Jamba Juice with the Peanut

Watching the Peanut wash Van's car
(trust me, this is a win win situation here)

I am also the new owner of a FLIP camera so be prepared for some trailmomma videos coming your way! In the meantime, enjoy my mediocre posts. I am bummed that I am passing on what seems like an amazing run this Saturday with Coach Nikon and Pigeon. It even involved a nice dip in the river. Instead, I'll be logging miles on my local bike trail before the Peanut rises so we can hit the house hunting road. Perhaps I'll bring my camera just in case something wild and crazy happens. Alone. On the boring bike path. Sigh.

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  1. Glad to see the Peanut is rocking the hairdo I love. Bummed your passing on the Cal Street run Saturday, but we'll take a ton of pic's.

    You need to find a new casa more than run so we can go to your house warming party. Speaking of that, we might do a BBQ thing again this weekend if your up for it again. I just got some lemoncello for lemoncello lemon drops and I'm off call.