Friday, June 4, 2010


"Looking out at the road rushing under my wheels
Looking back at years gone by like so many summer fields
In sixty-five I was seventeen and running up one-on-one
I don't know where I am running now, I'm just running on
Running on-running on empty"

Boy did Jackson Browne have it right! Last night, I was definitely running on empty.

Thursday night was the Folsom Lake Trail Runners Race Series Number 6 at Negro Bar. The weather was overcast but not cool, almost humid. I had every intention of doing the 10K long course last night as opposed to the 5K short court even though I knew from the start that my tank was not anywhere near full.

I thought I had recovered from Saturday's run. Apparently not. My heart rate during the entire race last night was low low low but it felt like I was in Zone 5 and nearing my max. That's a tell-tale sign that something is brewing, like a cold and my body is busy fighting that instead helping me get by in last night's race. Or perhaps, it is a sign I am over-trained and my body needs rest. That could be true too after Saturday's long run. Either way, rest is in my future. My ankle hurt the minute I laced up my sneakers and throbbed the entire time. Hello Rest, my name is trailmomma and I'll be hanging with you for a few days.

As always though, it was great to head out there and see some friends. Scrapbook was there and a few others!

Like Big D my AR50 pacer and running friend

Biceps was there too running the 5K
(look at those guns!)

 One empty trailmomma
(could the picture be more unflattering?)

Also out there to my surprise and excitement cheering me on was Coach Nikon, Pigeon and Miss P!!! They were out doing a group run and decided to head on over to Negro Bar and cheer me on! It was a huge boost and definitely needed. Thank you guys!!!!

Despite running on empty last night however, I still managed to place 2nd in my age group. Apparently the girls I let pass by me on an uphill were not in my age bracket. My mantra throughout the entire race (besides "don't die, please don't die") was "race for fun, race for fun." That's what I tried to do anyways. It was still a tough race for me and I wasn't alone. Big D had ran the Western States Training Run Day 3 on Monday (22 miles) and she too was on empty last night. She somehow got lost and we ended up finishing together. That was nice. I'm sure she'll kick my butt next week though.

In the meantime, I am going to enjoy resting and playing with the Peanut over the next two days. I have a 5K on Sunday that I am looking forward to but really, I just hope I have enough energy to walk to the start from my car!

Maybe I'll just play jump rope with the Peanut instead

***All race photos are courteousy of Joe McCladdie and can be found here.


  1. I have gone into a race half empty as well. First and only DNF I've ever had. At least you finished (and placed)! ;)

  2. Great job at the race!!! Glad we ran over to see you at the start than at the bluffs and at the end!!! you looked great with a smile on your face. Going to miss you this saturday for the long run.

  3. Rest is your friend, Pam! Enjoy it. Maybe I'll see you sunday, I'm running the Nike 5K too :) It's one of my favorites!