Monday, June 14, 2010


I've been outta the blog-world the past few days. The Peanut woke up with her eyes swollen shut on Friday which brought us a visit to see the Pediatrician. All is well, no worries. It was just the usual "too much goop" built up in a tiny little face. She was back to her usual self Saturday morning.

This Trailmomma was also back to her usual self on Saturday morning. Instead of hooking up with Pigeon and Coach Nikon on what was later deteremined  as an awsome run, I woke up and was out my own door by 7 am. I decided in an effort to utilize some needed family time this weekend, that I would run from home and be done with my run early. It worked. I hit the bike trail and ran 12 miles and was home before 9 am. The Peanut was enjoying her Saturday morning cartoons and breakfast when I returned. Perfect.

The run itself was okay. For the first time since AR50 I ran with music. I used the Yurbuds I won from Shut Up and Runs giveaway.  WOW! I am in love with these things. They don't fall out, they are not uncomfortable and I barely noticed I was even wearing them! I don't normally run with music but sometimes, especially on the bike trail, I just have to. It was nice. I saw a lot of running groups setting up their tents on my way out. Team In Training, SacFit and Buffalo Chips were all out there running on Saturday morning. I ran to my usual turn-around, the bike bridge near William Pond Park.

Over the bridge. Stop. Take Picture. Run Back.

Not as beautiful as Auburn but not bad.

Overall I felt okay. I felt a little weak on the way out and that was probably because I didn't eat early enough. 20 to 30 minutes into my run I started to feel better and that probably meant the food had finally hit my system. All I carried was my handheld since I don't like to stop at the water fountains and oddly, with all the restrooms along the bike trail, I never once had to go. Funny how that happens. Out in the woods it is a given that I will eventually have to stop but along the bike trail where I have the ease and convenience of a restroom, nope, not necessary.

Later that weekend Vans, the Peanut and I attended the MadCat Bike Swap. Vans was on the lookout for some new bike toys or whatever. The Peanut and I had enough of the hot sun and the loud music and ducked ourselves into the nearby Trader Joes. The Peanut finally discovered (with the help of momma) the kid size shopping carts! She was in heaven!

Let's shop!

The Peanut is really talking up a storm lately and is fond of saying "How about . . . " insert anything here. All through Trader Joes she'd say "How about cake momma? Yeah? Cake?" and then toss a pie into her cart. "How about bread momma? Yeah? Bread?" and in goes the bread. Needless to say, we have a lot of unncessary items now but I just could not refuse that face! Could you!?

Stay tuned. As I have a special Peanut video to share either today or tomorrow!

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  1. The Peanut is so cute. You could have told the checker that you had changed your mind and not have bought the stuff :)

    Oh the things our children get us to do - LOL - it's just the beginning Trailmomma!