Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Last night I kept the promise I made to myself on Sunday. Run. After the Peanut's swim lesson (which was amazing, she actually jumped into the water off the edge of the pool by herself!) and dinner prepped . . . I grabbed my headlamp and reflective vest and set out.

Now that I am exploring the surrounding neighborhoods a bit more, I don't feel so uncomfortable. The new area that I am running around has very little traffic (occasionally people coming home from work) and it also has side-walks which is rare in most of El Dorado Hills.

It was still dark outside but very pretty . . .

That was at the start of my run so you can only imagine how dark it was when I finished . . . 3 MILES LATER!!! Yup, I ran 3 more miles last night most of which as uphill on the way back. I was reduced to walking the hills I admit. Trailbaby is not enjoying running up hills. I probably could manage as my heart rate isn't too high but the bulging belly is starting to feel sort of weird when I have to run UP. I don't mind. I was still out there doing something vs sitting inside my house eating the Peanut's left over noodles and french fries (her favorite this week).

Although not as euphoric as Sunday's run, it felt great to be moving and breathing fresh air. I even had a moment while running where I felt like it smelled like October . . . back east! Does anyone ever notice this (or am I the only crazy one)? I find that certain seasons or times of the year have a particular or specific smell? Maybe it is my pregnancy hormones making me loopy.

Tonight I have to work super late . . . here:

technically it is now called Powerbalance Pavilion or something

I am kind of sad as these next couple of games could be my last few games working for the Sacramento KINGS since they are threatening to leave Sacramento (and it looks like they probably will). I have worked for the KINGS and the Maloofs (as a side job) for over 10 years. The City of Sacramento is really screwing up if they let this team get away. What else is left if Arnold is out of office and the KINGS are gone? :)

Regardless, it will be nice to see my crew tonight as I haven't seen them in some time because I was so sick the last time I was scheduled to work.

The Peanut was home sick on Monday again. Just a slight fever but eventually seemed to kick it. I think just a day at home with Vans is what she needed. He was going stir-crazy in the house and so he took her to Border's Books to create havoc . . . I mean read.

check out the "daddy hair" too (oh boy)

looks like she found a few to read

they came home with 2
and not the Penguins of Madagascar (shoot, my favorite)

Tuesday she went back to school and has been fine since then, congested but fine. Like I mentioned earlier, she was fine enough for swim lessons last night. After 6 lessons of straight tears she now finally is enjoying being in the pool and getting her face wet. The last 3 lessons have resulted in smiles, begging to get into the pool and purposefully putting her face in the water. What a change huh?


  1. Wow - a Borders browser at age 2 5/6! Or did CK just need a visit to his old haunts? :-) It's a thin line parents straddle when trying to encourage kids to take lessons that are good for them despite kids' initial reluctance. Fingers crossed that you've pulled it off with Sierra & swimming. Look forward to her beating me (way easily) in pool laps some day, probably soon.

  2. gorgeous run!! Glady ou're getting your groove back. :) and yes, I do get the different season smells. :)You know, for all 2 seasons that I have.