Wednesday, March 9, 2011


After the Peanut's swim lesson I went out to the garage to tackle the elliptical. No go. The back was not having it. Grrrr. I realized this morning that I feel my best in the morning (when I have had a good night of sleep) so perhaps, I should start trying to workout in the morning.

I used to do this but then sleeping went downhill. I need to refocus. Walk/running is definitely better than elliptical so maybe I'll just wake up and venture outside in the morning darkness as opposed to the evening darkness . . . same thing right?

The Peanut however, got her swim on last night. She continues to amaze me and Vans. She's turning 3 at the end of April. Just two months ago, she was shy and timid around water and absolutely under no circumstance did she want to get her face wet. Bathing was even hard for us. Water in the face caused a lot of screaming. Last summer she refused to go in the pool unless someone was holding her or she could stand in water that was about knee high . . .

Check out last night's video . . . oh how times have changed in just a few short weeks! She's the one jumping off the little ledge.


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  1. ugh.there is no way I could work out in the evening, so I give you major props. LOVE the peanut video. :) It's truly amazing how far she has come in such a short period of time.