Thursday, March 24, 2011


If you want to see Scenes from Florida Part one click here. Otherwise, keep reading for more "work" adventures from Van's on his "business trip" to Florida (I am getting more and more suspicious with every email from him).

Of course the Peanut and I asked Vans to please bring us back a souvenir from the good old Sunshine State!

I have a feeling he bought something here.
A one-stop shop if you will.

Apparently after a group "shopping trip," Vans and his traveling co-workers were treated to a day at the races complete with lunch.  

Lunch with a bunch of the Red Hat Ladies no less!

No, Vans did not wear a red hat (that I am aware of at least). He also had no clue who the Red Hat Ladies were until I told him. Apparently they are quite popular in Florida as he's seen them more than once. Something tells me Vans will have a new "hat" to add to his hat collection when he gets home.

Because going to a race track to gamble (with your out of state work peers) sounds like a good idea . . . .

Don't worry, Vans kept the tradition alive and lost all that he gambled on. I told him to choose the horse by its name and not its stats! I mean, you have to go with names like Absolute Bullet Proof and PaintTheTownRed (no spaces on purpose) when you gamble and forget what the odds say right? Hmm, maybe that is why we also lose at gambling.

Don't worry, Vans kept himself occupied otherwise . . . and probably nice and cool too.

post race shower for the horses

Tonight is my last night solo with the Peanut before Vans comes home on Friday. We both miss him but I think we both are really enjoying our mommy and daughter time together. I gave her a treat on the drive home yesterday which she really inhaled enjoyed.

Yes it was chilly yesterday!
I don't dress her like a mummy regularly.

After we got home, she let me jump on the elliptical again for 30 minutes or so while she entertained herself with her Dora the Explorer big wheel.

are you done yet mom?

Thirty-minutes is about all the Peanut can stand with me on the elliptical and both of us stuck in the garage. It's also all I can take as well because the Dora the Explorer Big Wheel also plays musical tunes (that can drive you insane if played repeatedly).

Tonight will be a Peanut night. No elliptical. No garage. I have no idea what is in store for us yet because it is pouring like mad outside right now. Something tells me hot chocolate might in the mix though.


  1. I think FL is the land of the red hats :)

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