Friday, March 4, 2011


It was a busy Friday in the Trailmomma household. Vans had a meeting with our accountant to discuss taxes (blah). I (conveniently enough) could not get out of work to meet him. He offered to pick up the Peanut from school after his meeting so that I could go straight home and squeeze in a run before it got too dark. I wasn't able to run last night because I has asked Vans to stop at the store to buy some milk. Two hours later he comes home with about 500 grocery bags. Never shop hungry!!! Rule number 1 right ladies? :-)

When I got home from work I changed in record time. The weather today was GORGEOUS. My car temperature gauge said 67 degrees! Sweet! That meant I can wear shorts on my run since well, I have zero maternity running clothes. In and out in a flash I was on my way. I decided to go the same 3 mile hilly route I ran last Sunday. I can't help it, it is really pretty and we're in the market for patio furniture and this run allows me to peek into a lot of backyards along the way. Not creepy, just curious.

What is the first thing I encounter on my run? Turkeys!

Yeah yeah yeah, they look small in the photo but trust me, they were HUGE. Luckily there was a nice barbed wire fence separating us. El Dorado Hills turkeys are HUGE compared to Sacramento ones.

I did giggle when I saw them however as it brought back old times running with Pigeon. My first mile (which was some flat and down hill sections) was actually a 10:30 pace. However then my belly seized up and I resorted to walking quite a bit after that. I think my water intake was low today. I need to work on that when I get busy at work.

The rest of the run/walk was wonderful. Temperature was great and very little car traffic. Just me and my thoughts.  Happy to get my run in I came home and started baking up a storm. Gluten free brownies (Peanut loves them), Gluten free cinnamon protein bread and a great meal using TVP (textured vegetable protein), beans, brown rice, tomatoes, chili, garlic and cayenne pepper. It was yummy. I accomplished all of this before Vans and the Peanut got home.

The Peanut has been having too many potty accidents at school this week. As an incentive I promised her ice cream after school if she could go the entire day without an accident. Since Vans and I did the old switch-a-roo with pickup, I had to tell him that if she was accident free he had to take her for ice cream. While I was cooking dinner I received the following:

That looks like . . .

could it be?

ice cream!
Small victories all around today for the Trailmomma family!


  1. What turkeys? Nothing but trees and grass here-even at full size. Are we getting a wee bit paranoid about these birdies? :) AP

  2. Ah, finally spotted one hiding way behind the trees. Good to know you're not losing it.