Sunday, March 27, 2011


Saturday was filled with lots of excitement and firsts for the Peanut and for Vans. The minute the Peanut woke up on Saturday she asked me, "where's Daddy?" as I think she was concerned that Friday's reunion was just a mirage.

When she saw Vans for the first time on Friday after his "business trip," it was probably one of the most special moments I have ever witnessed. Both Vans and I surprised her at school. I walked into her classroom first, and like usual, she ran to give me a hug. Then I said, "there is someone at the door for you" and when she looked up Vans was coming through and the smile on her face was pure joy. She ran faster than I have ever seen her run before and she threw her complete body against him almost knocking him over for probably the world's biggest hug. Her eyes were teary and she just said "Daddy!" My eyes were teary, Van's eyes were teary and anyone watching could see it was just a special moment.

So when she woke up on Saturday she was just still unsure whether or not he was actually home. He was and we all had to rush to get ready because our first order of business on Saturday morning was for the Peanut's first ever haircut! She is going to be three next month and she has never had a haircut before. All of the swimming as of late had really destroyed the ends of her precious hair.

So after some research, I found a place that was about 25 minutes from the house and the whole family loaded into the car. She was actually quite excited about it but all that changed the moment we entered Lollicuts.

Check out the chairs! A pink Jeep!

The minute we entered, the Peanut started crying. She didn't want to choose a chair, she didn't want to wear the drape (as you can see above) and she did not want to sit still. After a lot of forcing and bribing (ahem, see the iphone in her hands?) she was content to just sit there miserably while Lynn, the hair lady, cut her hair.

Sometimes she would ask to hold my hand. 

Most of the time she asked to hold my hand. 

Lynn the hair lady was crazy fast though. She had the Peanut's hair cut/layered and blown dry within about 15 minutes. She was the fastest person I have ever seen do hair. 

Almost done!

Lynn even let the Peanut pick out a bow and did a fancy hair-do. The Peanut showed no interest and only wanted the free lollipop that comes at the end of the whole process. 

The end result was amazing. She only trimmed of 3 inches but she did it in such a way that left the Peanut's hair just bouncing with curls!

finished product from the back.

finished product from the front

Not long after arriving home from Lollicuts, the three of us had to head out to another "first" for the Peanut . . . 

Her first ever Super-Hero Birthday Party! Our friends Biceps and Sarcastic had a birthday party for their son who turned 3 and the theme was Super-Heroes! They even provided capes for the kids! It was awesome. 

The Peanut wearing a cape
and enjoying other kid's toys (of course). 

This party had it all. Biceps is an amazing party planner by nature and I think I might have to hire her some day! Check out what was there . . . 

A candy bar!

"Superstar-sandwiches" and "krypto-nuggets"

Super-heroes guarding the snacks

Super-hero cupcakes and Cake Pops!

The cake pops were a complete and total hit with the Peanut. At first, she knew she wanted one but wasn't quite sure what to do with it once she had it.

You mean I eat this?


Mmm, not so bad after I remove the star candies

Definitely enjoying this

Happy Parents

After the world's best super-hero party, the three of us had to race out for another first, this time for Vans. A few weeks ago, Vans threw out his back doing some yard work and was worried about his mountain bike races that were starting this coming Sunday.

So what is a wife to do? Schedule a massage for him with the world fantastic Lily of course! Vans is not generally a massage kind of guy but he needed help and I knew Lily could help. She worked her magic on him and he was able to race in Sunday's race. Stay tuned for scenes from a muddy Sunday! 

Overall Saturday was jam packed and the Peanut had a blast. Sunday was very much the same with us constantly on the move. This momma needs some quiet time. 

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  1. Awe! Her haircut is adorable! The superhero theme is cute too lol Now I want cupcakes, thanks! lol