Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Vans sent me a bunch of photos from his "business trip" in Florida last night. He tells me he's too "busy" all day to respond to emails or texts that I might send but some how from the following photos, I am not so sure I believe him.

Wow Honey, your "office" is mighty sandy today no?

Um, the "office" cafeteria maybe?

Hydrating with "juice" right?

Hmm, your coworkers look like they might have spent the day at the office. You in your t-shirt look well . . . very beachy.

The view from your office window RIGHT?!

He's working hard and apparently squeezing in some fun times. Good for him. Two more sleeps until he's home though. That is how we explain "days" to the Peanut. When she is excited for her swim class I have to tell her "three more sleeps until you can swim again" and it seems to work. Telling her she has to wait until Sunday or whatever doesn't quite compute to a 2.5 year old.

Sleeping through the night also does not seem to compute to this particular 2.5 year old either. We had various wake ups last night. Once at 2:30 and then again at 3:30. I finally "gave up" and this is what I slept between last night . . .

Jack the cat on one side

Peanut on the other

Vans might have very well lost his spot in the bed or else he better invest in a King size for us! Once she settled down she slept well . . . minus the many "sleep conversations" she had last night. I can't complain, apparently I was a "talker" in my sleep as a kid . . . Vans doesn't complain now but maybe he's just pleading the 5th.

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