Thursday, March 3, 2011


While I was working last night, Vans and the Peanut were rolling it out with our foam roller. The foam roller is one of the best recovery and stretching tools out there. You can buy one here and you can also go there to learn how to properly use one (ahem, I wouldn't really follow the Peanut's advice on this one). :-)

working those quads

um, the knees?

errr, the shins?

aaah yeah, not sure

maybe add some downward dog too?


  1. This reminds me that I need to get intimate with my foam roller, too.

  2. My running friends and I talk about planning trips around races. My next trip was planned around a food festival instead, but there happened to be a mud run the same weekend, so I'm getting my first taste of vacation+race (even though I won't be "racing"). I'm excited. One of the best things about running is being able to see areas from a different perspective. Driving past things only gives you a blurred glimpse. Running past the same thing allows for a careful study.

  3. oh, so cute! Kids can make anything look fun. She has sold me on it, I want a foam roller.

    I'm a bay area gal as well (Oakland). Glad to have found your blog!

  4. Too funny! My foam roller found its way into my toy room and has not come back out. My kids "use" it more then I do.

    I am a Nor Cal runner-mom as well, no ultras for me I stop at 26.2.

    Happy running,