Monday, March 21, 2011


Vans left for Florida at 5:30 am Sunday morning. I can't give him a hard time about it as it is a business trip to St. Pete and I've seen his daily schedule . . . jam packed with all sorts of business-like aka boring stuff. Granted, he IS staying in a very nice Hilton with a room all to himself complete with a flat screen tv. He is also resigned to spend his days in 85 degree weather complete with sunshine while we're fighting to stay afloat in the monsoon that is here in northern California.

Van's hotel

the view from his room

I know I should let him enjoy his time and that really it is being spent in meetings and one on one interviews with his office peers but still . . . when I wake up and receive this photo . . .

and this one . . .

Sharing with me that it is 85 degrees while the Peanut and I are wearing sweatshirts and soaked shoes, is not nice. I kid. He's enjoying the weather and more importantly, he DESERVES some time alone. Nights with out a waking/crying Peanut. He has earned it. Unfortunately Vans does not enjoy being alone. Ever. He much prefers the company of people especially when traveling. Man, how we differ on that one sometimes! Give me a week in a Florida Hilton with 85 degree temps and the air so humid my hair might actually curl on its own? That's heaven my friends.

However, this is also heaven for me . . . time with the Peanut. Just us girls.

frozen yogurt with COOKIES

dipping them in the yogurt is yummy

it also means mom can't share my yogurt if cookie crumbles are in there
(smart kid huh?)

We've survived our first night solo. The Peanut realized this morning that Vans was not around to do his morning routine with her (brush teeth, tie shoes, go potty etc) but I do think she enjoys being mommy's helper.

Tonight she wants to get her hair cut because I told her the place gives out lollipops . . . I hope I am not wrong otherwise I might lose my happy little helper.

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