Sunday, February 27, 2011


I am hoping I am back on track to a regular running routine. For three weeks I was terribly ill with a horrid sinus infection. Then I traveled back east where running was just not possible. Now that I am home, the weather has turned pretty cold and it even dropped some snow here but I am not letting that get in my way.

The only thing that might get my in way these days is the lack of running clothes that I can actually fit into that are not shorts. Today, I dug out some old extra large items I had stuffed away. Perfect.

Despite a rough night's sleep (due to a Peanut developing a cold), I decided I wanted, no, I NEEDED a run this morning. My weekday job has been silently killing me with stress for various reasons. On Saturday I worked at the store which I generally enjoy because I like the people I work with but when I got home I was beat. I probably sold more shoes and articles of clothing on Saturday than I have since I started. It is getting harder to bend down and hand someone their shoes with out ticking off Trailbaby. It will give me a strong kick me in the ribs every so often but I don't mind.

But this morning, I wanted out. Alone. I woke up channeling my favorite runner/blogger/writer/mother of all time.  She's my idol in so many ways and a lot of what she writes speaks to me. She will often write how a certain run "cleansed her" in some way or another. That is what I needed today. So I grabbed what I could and I set out on a new route that I have been mentally planning now for a week.

It started with a down hill and then some flat sections and then led me into a residential neighborhood with a lot of rolling hills. It was so peaceful. It wasn't super early, maybe 8 am but the streets and homes were quiet. It was awesome. As I ran, I thought about my job(s), my friends, my goals post baby etc. I think my mind has been so overloaded lately that it needed this quiet time. Physically I felt great. My heart rate stayed within a comfortable range, minus some major hills that reduced me to a walk. No aches and pains. Just me running outside in the sunshine.

I even brought my camera as I knew I'd pass a few pretty views.

this local elementary school tucked within a neighborhood

that also has an amazing view of Folsom lake
lucky students!

you can't see it in the photo, but I could
see the skyline of downtown Sacramento

After a while, I realized that I needed to get going. The Peanut had swim lessons later this morning so I had to start moving again and stop taking photos.

my route back however, was completely uphill
that way!

I totally loved the hills. Some I walked, some I ran but either way, it felt great to be using muscles that have not seen much "work" in a while. Overall, I only ran 3 miles which in comparison to runs past is nothing but running 3 miles 6.5 months pregnant . . . go me.

When I got back to back to my house I immediately went to my favorite section of our driveway. The "stretching area!"
our rock wall aka my stretching zone

The rest of day I was in a great mood and I attribute that to just being out running again. I have been trying to figure out a way to fit this in two more times during the week which is hard these days what with an hour commute each way, the Peanut and her various swim lessons and my two other part-time jobs.

Later in the day we drove to a near by park with the Peanut to meet some friends. The Peanut had refused a nap and was slowly starting to get a runny nose. As we were getting ready to head to the park, she found a ball that she was super excited to share with her friends. While we were driving, I turned around to see the following . . .
she held onto the ball the entire way

Poor girl only managed a 20 minute nap but that was better than nothing. Tonight she is battling a fever, a runny nose and an upset tummy. I thought the sickies were gone from our house but when you have a kid in daycare, you're never in the clear. I am hoping she recovers quickly and refrains from passing this on to both Vans and myself.

In the meantime, I am going to keep figuring out a way to incorporate two more runs during the week. It just feels good to be moving again. Also, finding these new routes will motivate me post baby to get out and run too.

I would also like to introduce a new blogger and encourage you all to check out his blog and look into what he can do for you. He's a pretty knowledgeable guy and definitely knows fitness and nutrition. I hope to utilize his expertise post baby because even though I know cardio fairly well, I could definitely use some help when it comes to toning and nutrition. Please check him out and add him to your blog rolls.