Tuesday, February 8, 2011


It seems I have lost a "follower" on my blog. First of all, I am completely surprised I even HAVE followers that are not related to me in some way or another but it saddens me to see that I lost someone. Although, I cannot say I blame them. Trailmomma went from being a "cool" ultra running/marathoning blog to nonrunning blog about my adorable Peanut and my pathetic attempts at the elliptical. For those without kids, I can understand the disappearance.

For those sticking around, I promise Trailmomma WILL return to her normal goofy and self-humiliating blogging style COMPLETE with running posts and photos as soon as I possible can. After the Peanut got sick last week I quickly fell ill and have been ill ever since. So ill in fact, that my doctor sent me home and demanded that I take four days of total rest. FOUR DAYS. I can't sit still for an hour let alone four straight days. The first two were fairly easy I admit, I was miserable not being able to breathe at all and struggling to eat or drink because I couldn't even swallow water. The second two days the Peanut and Vans were home and  I think the Peanut was scared her mommy was so sick and therefore was just clinging onto me like lint in the dryer. It was sweet but also does not make for a great "recovery" when you have 30 lbs wanting to sit in your lap every 5 seconds.

Now back at work, I am not feeling much better (my head feels like a jack hammer lives in there permanently) but I am determined to work a full week since next week the Peanut and I are flying to New Jersey to visit Jersey Dad and family.

I am also 23 weeks pregnant (that's almost 6 months eek) and well, my activity level has dipped significantly because of that HOWEVER I have a game plan in sight when this monstrous cold decides to vacate my sinuses and chest. I do plan on getting back out there AND would like to go hiking if I can't run. On the trails. It'll be hard mentally to walk and not run but hey, it's something. Now I just need to find the time but I am determined to make it work.

So don't fret. I have lofty goals for post baby. Words like CIM, Four Bridges, Tough as Granite and even the Leadville 10K Trail Race are floating through my head constantly. I even have a post baby dietary game plan complete with some weight lifting. Yes, I read a lot of health magazines and books while sick so my mind is just going a mile a minute since my body physically can't.

So in the meantime, I might not be posting pictures like these . . .

(forgive me, those were just to remind myself that I AM a runner and not WAS a runner) . . . but you will hopefully see more photos and more tidbits about me getting out there and doing something. I work at an awesome running store for Pete's sake, I stare at cool gear, shoes and clothes longingly waiting for the moment when I'll actually FIT into some of those clothes again. Sigh. Patience grasshopper, patience.

But I will be honest, there will also be more Peanut photos and eventually Trailbaby photos and of course documentation of how a 6 month pregnant woman flies across the country with a two year old . . . BY HERSELF. That will give me at least a few posts right there if I don't jump off the plane. So be patient with Trailmomma. Going from an ultra runner/marathoner to a pregnant non-runner (at the moment) is taking its toll on me as well. Still, I can't resist . . .

nothing like a chocolate muffin to make someone happy

a hug from mommy before swim lessons

focusing before getting in that water


  1. You just picked up a new follower to fill the void left by the recently departed. Looking forward to following your return. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Thank you for filling the void! :-)

  3. People are fickle, and also ADD. I've recently lost a follower too, and haven't a clue why. Doesn't much matter, since I will continue to blog as I see fit. I also know there are people out there who have not clicked the follow button, but still read regularly.

    Feel better soon, and can't wait to see more Peanut (and trailbaby) pics!

  4. YOU didn't lose a follower, that person lost out on continuing to read a blog that I really enjoy. THEY lost.

  5. ShebaJC
    Thanks and you're right! I read a ton of blogs that are not listed in my side bar (aka bar of lazy updates) . . . thank you for the well wishes!

    Awe so sweet! Thank you! I appreciate it!

  6. Don't you worry! Enjoy your pregnancy and this time you have until the new baby arrives! I'll admit I haven't been reading as much as before but that's because I'm trying to get my mind about actually being a runner and not being scared of races and stuff :)

  7. Christina
    Thank you! Nothing to be afraid of. Just like your advice to me, enjoy your run and enjoy YOUR race. No one elses but your own right?

  8. I am now officially a follower. Didn't realize i hadn't clicked that yet. Take care and hope to see you at FF some saturday soon. :)

  9. I'll try to remember that the next time I'm racing and I wanna puke hahahaha! I have this thing where I get super dizzy after a race, I think I need to eat more. I'm testing a few things out on the ole dreadmill. :)

  10. Pregnant burpees are probably impossible. Push ups, too.

  11. Adorable pics..you are, and always will be a “real” runner..a studly one at that. Running is in your soul, and once it’s made its home there, it never leaves. 