Sunday, February 13, 2011


If you live in Northern California then you know exactly how beautiful it was outside on Saturday. The weather was absolutely glorious and it was a good thing too because we had agreed to meet some of our Pinkhouse Gym friends for an outdoor bike ride.

Yes. Bike ride. I don't think I have been on my bike since right after AR50 last year for a recovery ride. In fact, I had to pick up my bike that was still residing at our old house in Sacramento. Unfortunately, a semi-large pregnant woman trying to pick up and load a bike into the back of a car is not an easy task. My bike actually fell out of the back of my car, did a somersault and is pretty messed up. My gears are jacked up and my handle bars are slightly bent. Oops. I guess I need to take it in and get it tuned and tweaked. Maybe that will encourage me to ride more now.

Regardless, the bike WAS ride able for the most part except for maybe one uphill gear shift at the end which I almost completed but the gear got stuck and I had to dismount. It was the only time the entire day I had to walk the bike (maybe 4 feet) to the top of the hill.

Back to the start. We arrived at the Starbucks in Gold River which was our meeting spot. We were all excited to be outside and healthy for a change.

The Peanut was ready to start!

helmet on! safety first!

getting buckled in

family photo (the before)

The ride was rough at the start just maneuvering to the bike trail portion but not terrible. Once we hit the trail it was smooth sailing. The weather was perfect which was evident by all the people out running and biking. It was hard to see all those runners but I was content to be out moving. I only had one coughing fit at the beginning and then felt fine the rest of the ride.

Vans was the leader, in fact . . .

his backside was my view all day long . . .

see how beautiful it was!

despite my expression, I was having fun

We just kept riding along at a fairly decent pace. We passed most of our group when we hit Folsom. Vans and I decided to go up near Karen's Bakery and to cross the bridge on that side. Karen's was packed as was the parking lot. Everyone was just out and about enjoying the weather.

We continued on until finally, I needed to use a restroom but I wasn't alone, Vans needed to stop too.

stretching our legs

and finding sticks

At one point I decided to give the Peanut the camera so that I could have a photo of Vans and myself. If you have a family you probably know what I am talking about. If you looked at our vacation photos one would think that Vans and I vacation by ourselves with the Peanut and not together. Generally (and truthfully) it looks like I am always vacationing with the Peanut as Vans is never in sight. Not this time. We handed the Peanut the camera so we could see what kind of photography skills she inherited . . . here are the three photos she took of us:

her first attempt!
We thought: WOW! Nice shot kid

second shot: still pretty good
we didn't even need to "bend over"

third and final!

It seems like Vans and I can look like we're vacationing together again now with this little photographer on our hands. Vans (the photographer) was beside himself.

super star!

Soon it was time to get back on the bikes and head back towards the car. I was ready. My pregnant bum was starting to ache. We stopped at the Hazel bridge for one last photo op.

Really Vans did all the work pulling 30lbs of Peanut in the chariot. I was more less out for a nice ride. When we got back to the car and hooked up our bikes we noticed that there was a Yogurt Monkey next to Starbucks. Since someone was a super star (and ahem, someone else is pregnant) we decided to stop for a treat! Hey, we had rode over 18 miles and I think we deserved it! 18 miles!!

mmmm frozen yogurt

Now I haven't had any dairy in three weeks, basically since I became sick so I was sort of " meh" about the frozen yogurt but the Peanut was licking her spoon (and the bowl) until it was gone. She loves her frozen yogurt!

After we arrived home the Peanut was not showing any signs of napping. So we had lunch and then both her and I went to the movies. The Peanut's first "real" theater movie! We saw Gnomeo and Juliet (super cute) and best of all, the Peanut's ticket was FREE (hoping she'll look "2" for a few more years now).

When we got home it was time for dinner. The Peanut was starving after her long busy day of watching Dad pedal and then sitting in a big movie theater. I cooked up her dinner first (she couldn't wait) and then dinner for Vans and myself. During dinner Vans was so excited about his meal (which was gluten free by the way) that he wanted me to include his photo on my blog (I think he is secretly becoming a food blogger). Silly Vans.

it was quite tasty
but nothing special. sssh don't tell Vans!

Overall we had a fantastic Saturday as a family. I was happy to be out getting some exercise. My legs (and bum) don't really hurt today so that is a good sign. 18 miles is quite the accomplishment for me considering I have had 3 weeks of zero activity!

Today's adventure includes swimming lessons for the Peanut and a trip to the grocery store. I guess it is back to the same old weekend routine. Maybe I'll throw in a run while she's napping.


  1. From the sunny bike ride, to the frozen yogurt, movie and yummy dinner, this sounds and looks like the perfect day in my book! Great pictures too. :) I love including my family in my outdoor fitness adventures.

  2. Sounds like a great day for the entire Trailmomma family. The weather was fantastic this weekend!

  3. Looks like you had a blast! I could imagine how nice the weather was, it was pretty nice on the East Coast so I would think you guys also had great weather.

    Oh and looks like you have a mini photographer on your hands!!