Thursday, February 17, 2011


ready for take off

The Peanut and I are in New Jersey. We took a red eye from California and landed in New Jersey 12:15 pm Wednesday afternoon. Everyone thought I was nuts for taking a 2 year old on  a red eye flight 6 months pregnant but you know, it was probably the easiest flight we've ever taken. Hands down.

I also have to say, flying without a required car seat = fantastic flying (she is over 2 and car seats are no longer required). Vans dropped us off at the airport at almost 11 pm on Tuesday evening. The Peanut was fast asleep in the car but when she realized we were finally at the airport she was thrilled to get on the airplane. We sat by the gate waiting to board and she just kept asking me "is it our turn yet? I wanna go on the airplane!" As we were moving in line to board she yelled out "we're going to Jersey!" and everyone laughed, that's my girl. She knows her roots.

Once we were on the plane she was quick to tell me "mommy I am going to stay up all night" uh-oh that was not my intended reason for flying on a red eye but I said "sure honey, if you say so." 30 minutes later when we were up in the air, she was out cold and didn't wake up at all until I had to wake her to remove her seat belt. Nice!

Our layover was in Houston which was pretty much vacant. We happily used one of those nice changing room/family restrooms that are private to change the Peanut's pull-up and do our required business before boarding the second flight. Before boarding, she sat quietly by the gate with some milk from Starbucks and was a happy camper.

As we were about to board she fell asleep in my arms. I carried her onto the plane asleep and she pretty much stayed asleep until I woke her as we were descending into New Jersey. I couldn't let her miss a landing when it was daylight out.

slept the whole way

We had the very last row of a very empty flight. The Peanut was able to spread out and sleep and I was able to kick back and get some rest as well.

She was groggy when we started our descent so I woke her up and she happily watched us land from her window seat.

Look Mommy! That is where Curious George lives!

Told ya she's one smart cookie. She saw the NYC sky line and instantly knew her monkey in crime lived there. The rest of the landing was spent goofing off with the camera . . . someone was happy.

thumbs up!
unfortunately her thumb was in the camera

goofy face CHEESE

uh mom, this is my shoot!

awe, you can be in it too


We've been in New Jersey not quite 24 hours and the Peanut has already been spoiled by her Poppy (aka Jersey Dad). She had a bit of a melt-down last night realizing we're not sleeping at home but immediately fell asleep the minute her head hit the pillow. Mine did too.

The flight home will not be as easy I suspect because we're flying in the middle of the afternoon. My goal however for those flights are to keep her awake the entire time so she will fall asleep at 11 pm when we hit Sacramento . . . fingers crossed but until then, it's JERSEY TIME!


  1. my first thought when i saw the pic was.... no carseat on the plane! how exciting! (i am totally counting down the days... also wondering if i could just say my dude is 2... he is big enough!)

    so glad the trip was a success. i fully admit i thought you were crazy for doing the red eye (as you know, when i told you 400 times). good luck traveling home... until then, have fun in JERSEY!

  2. Wahoo! You came during a good time because it's fairly warm this week :)
    I'm glad you guys arrived safely! Yay Jersey baby! lol

  3. I miss being able to sleep on planes. She's a lucky girl.