Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The Peanut and I are home again. We got in super early Tuesday morning, like 1 am early. Before we left New Jersey though, the Peanut was very into the snow that was falling.

watching the snow fall
and yes, that is a diver's helmet on the right, don't ask

The snow did stop and the roads were cleared by the time we had to head to the airport. The Peanut fell asleep on the drive in and woke up when we got to Newark. Security in Newark was insane. As in multiple lines upon lines just to get to the main security area. The Peanut was a super star though.

The flight from Newark to Houston was fairly uneventful. Well, except when the Peanut looked out the window and yelled "Mommy! I see smoke!" When I looked, I realized she meant the clouds in the sky. Hopefully she didn't give anyone on the plane a heart attack.

The Peanut was entertained for quite a while with a gift from one of my Jersey neighbors . . .

dry erase boards are awesome

However once we were in flight and the captain told us we could use our "portable devices" the Peanut was in heaven and immediately asked for her "kitty ear phones."

watching the Jungle Book
one of her favorites

She apparently thought when I said "kiddie ear phones" that I was really saying "kitty ear phones" and was highly disappointed when I pulled them out and there were no "cats" to be found. Still, she wore them for the entire movie which is more than I thought she would do.

After the movie she fell asleep and we landed in Houston. We were stuck in Houston for over 3 hours but the Peanut was completely chill with it all. We grabbed some dinner, had a few games of "tag" around the waiting area by our gate and visited the potty about 503 times. She was content.

Our second leg was also uneventful. She watched one movie and then fell asleep again for the remainder of the flight. What an awesome travel companion!

Now we're home and back to the grind of work and school. I think we're both happy to be home and I know Vans missed us.

Now that my cold is completely gone as well, I even made it out for a run tonight. I ventured through a new neighborhood because I was running against daylight. It had many rolling hills that, at times, had me walking but it felt awesome to be back out there doing SOMETHING. I am starting from scratch essentially since my cold from earlier in the month completely wiped me out and the bulging belly is getting um, bigger.

Maybe this weekend I'll get out for another run and eventually find some consistency. I am definitely loving the longer daylight though.

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