Thursday, February 3, 2011



Today is Jersey Dad's birthday and tomorrow is Jersey Step-mom's birthday. My dad is awesome and I can't wait to see him in a few weeks. The last time he came to visit me . . . we got father/daughter tattoos!

right before

during . . . 

his tattoo
the Eye of Horus

Oddly enough, the Eye of Horus is supposed to bring you good health (among other things). My dad got his tattoo when he came to visit last April. Then this past November he suffered a heart attack. He is doing much better and following doctor's orders but it is quite an amazing feat that he is here now. Thank you Eye of Horus for protecting him and giving him good health enough to beat that demon and move on. 

I know he'll do anything to stick around and see the Peanut grow up and to meet Trailbaby some day. Hopefully he is rested enough for our visit in a few weeks because the Peanut is going to be super excited to see her "Poppy" and I am sure he is super excited to spoil her rotten.

Or perhaps she'll just bring him a book and curl up on the couch to read. It is one of her favorite activities. 

Happy Birthday Jersey Dad. We love you!!!! See you soon!!! 


  1. I love seeing them together with a book, especially Good Night Gorilla. We had that book for my Monkey-Girl - now a 13 year old. It was a board book, and yet we still wore it out!

  2. Love reading to Sierra...

    I take the positive outlook, Horus did its job, it could have been a LOT worse. I only wish I had made the tattoo larger...and NO there won't be another.