Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Today is Jersey Dad’s birthday!!! I won’t reveal how “young” he is turning because age is only a number as Jersey Dad has definitely proven throughout my childhood.

I had a mullet when I was little apparently

Jersey Dad was always there for me as a kid. He was the chaperone on my school field trips, he was at the sideline at all of my basket ball, soccer and softball games. He gave up his weekends to drive me to endless soccer tournaments in the grueling New Jersey humid summers. I don’t think he ever complained although the car stereo was off limits from our childish fingers. Thus I was “forced” to listen to the oldies but goodies. Tunes from Frankie Valli, The Tops and the Beach Boys were always stuck in my head growing up. I didn’t mind.
After high school I left New Jersey for Connecticut to attend college. I wanted to experience life away from home although home was only a safe two hour drive should I need to return. After college I moved 3,000 miles across the country to California. I know Jersey Dad was slightly disappointed I didn’t stay closer to home although me living here gives him an excuse to come enjoy the California weather every spring.

My wedding day was probably one of the happiest and saddest days of my life. I hate that term “giving away the bride” because it is just silly. It was however, all I could do to hold back the tears that day when my dad walked me down the aisle.

After the 5K in Morristown, NJ

Now Jersey Dad is also known as “Poppy” to the Peanut. Watching him play with her this summer was magical. She was drawn to him instantly despite her not having the chance to see him often due to our unfortunate distance. That does not stop Jersey Dad from spoiling her though. He is currently building her a special present for her second birthday and will be in attendance this year when she blows out those candles.

Jersey Dad taught me a lot of things in life. He taught me how to drive (oh the stories I am sure he could share), how to work hard, how run, how to laugh, how to read. He even spent countless hours trying to tutor me in math (bless his heart). I am 33 and I still call my dad to help me solve math problems (sigh).

Regardless, he taught me to live life and how to manage finances. He told me that even though saving money is important, it is also important to pamper yourself once in a while. Now Vans may argue that I “pamper” myself with online shopping all too often, I had to celebrate Jersey Dad’s birthday . . . so I hit up an online sale and bought myself some new running items!

Of course I didn't buy myself something before I sent Jersey Dad his birthday gift!!! 


My dad loves wild and wacky hats and when I saw this hat online I just could not resist! He just sent me this photo this morning after he opened his gift. Enjoy it Dad!!!


  1. Happy B-day Jersey Dad! Love the hat!

    Great post Trailmomma! It's nice to be able to look back and realize exactly what our parents, grandparents, etc did for us as we were growing up.

  2. Wow, you can see the Peanut in your old photo, or you in the Peanut. You know what I mean, she looks like you, or you look like her. Sigh, I need coffee.


  3. Glad to see you got rid of the mullet before the wedding :) Or is just pulled back?

    I agree with Coach Nikon, that pic looks just like Peanut!

    Very nice story! Happy Bday, Jersey Dad!