Thursday, February 18, 2010


Well another trailmomma first has occurred . . . I skipped out on Wednesday night's group workout (gasp). Apparently this trailmomma has been running on "E" lately most likely as a result of the Peanut's sleep schedule. A quick trip to the doctor, a dehydration test (all clear) and a few blood tests (relatively clear) later it seems I am just in some need of some odd thing called rest? This "rest" thing is all new to me but I think I am beginning to like it. I've gone to bed at 8 pm (because Vans is a rockstar husband) the last few nights and feel mucho better.
So because of my absence last night, Garmin offerred to do a guest post detailing the workout. I am extremely bummed I missed out on the aparent "rave party" that my group had. Shoot.

Take it away Garmin . . .

So last night we found ourselves at Pennsylvania Avenue again, but without our Trailmomma, who was home eating bon-bons and catching up on old episodes of Friends. "One Pennsylvania Avenue hill, two Pennsylvania Avenue hill..." We ended up doing five hill repeats again, which leaves you wanting to one more (well, just Hawaii MikeMark). They didn't seem to be as hard as they were a few weeks ago, maybe this is because we are now all well-trained Mountain Goats, or maybe it's just the weather.

It's still impossible to pass Wonder Woman on a hill. You can pass her on the way down, but don't even pretend that you can do it going up. You just can't.

Last night was also the return of the glow stick! We learned that Target is the Official Sponsor of Group Lighting. We had purple at the bottom and green at the top, and Doc sported a glowing bendy bracelet on her wrist, which all together made the night feel like a rave party.

This Saturday, we have our 20 mile Western States run, where all finishers get an Official WS Belt Buckle... wait, I may have that wrong. This should be a great run, the weather looks warm and maybe a little rainy. Cap'n Kirk got the group really excited by talking about post-race strategy... that it, should we go to Taco Tree or Ikedas afterwards. He thinks the beef burrito will do the trick, but Wonder Woman countered that by reminding him that Ikedas has curly fries. Either way, it should be a good run.

I'm going to take this opportunity, where Trailmomma usually says things about her tummy, to talk about my aches and pains. I'm feeling pretty good, considering that this is by far the most running I have ever done. When we finish long runs with lots of hills, and runs like last night that are all hills, I really can feel the burn in my IT band. I've heard people complain about that, and I finally know what they mean. I've been hitting it later at night with my Trigger Point ball and wine, and that has really been helping. My heel also hurts in the morning, but after a short walk to the coffee pot to stretch it out it usually feels pretty good.
Am I abusing my guest blog by making this too long??

I also wanted to be like Coach Nikon and add some music. These two songs are by my favorite band, Cloud Cult. The lyrics are very motivational to me. "No one said this would be easy"... that's pretty self-explanitory. The other one says "Suck up and take your medicine". I dunno, I just love it.

And finally, since my Peanut is still in the cooker, I'll leave you with a photo of my baby taken this weekend at Half Moon Bay.

Thanks Garmin! Great post!! I owe ya one!!!


  1. Garmin,

    Great post about an awesome workout. FYI we will be doing another repeat next go around.

    Between the blog posts, code names and glow stick mythology our training group has taken on a life of it's own.

    nice work

    Coach Blurry Photo

  2. Great guest post by Garmin!!! Pam, we missed ya out there.....are you just resting so you can put the hurt on us Saturday? I think so.

    My vote is Taco Tree -soft beef taco plus x 4.

  3. Thanks. I missed being there. Looking forward to Saturday & feeling super ready. I can even handle the rain and the infamous Taco Tree although curly fries sound darn good too!

  4. Glad you're feeling better Pam.

    Garmin, great guest post!!

    Pam I can't wait to read about the run on Saturday, since I won't be going to it. I'm golfing woo hoo

  5. Thanks everyone! I'd do my own blog, but I'm afraid I'd get obsessed with checking every two seconds to see if there are any comments... like I did today :)

  6. awesome guest post, garmin! fyi: there is a cool feature that sends you an email every time you get a comment... so you don't have to keep checking the blog... just your email... waitasecond...

  7. The glow sticks almos make hill repeats in the dark seem kind of fun... Still needs something else though. See you guys on Saturdays training run... I'll be the guy in running shorts and muddy shoes... can't miss me!