Thursday, February 4, 2010


Last night I visited Pennsylvania Avenue.

Yeah not THAT Pennsylvania Avenue. I am talking about the Pennsylvania Avenue in Fair Oaks California. Last night was my Fleet Feet Wednesday night group workout and we had some hill repeats on tap. So Coach Nikon and Captain Kirk had us meet in Gold River and run ourselves over to the "infamous" Pennsylvania Avenue for our workout. I say "infamous" because this hill is very well known amongst runners in the Sacramento area as a "killer" hill to do repeats on or die trying. I, however, have been able to avoid this hill for many years. Last night was my introduction to Pennyslvania Avenue and what an intro it was!

The scheduled plan was 4 hill repeats. A single repeat meant running to the top of the hill and immediately turning around and running right back down. No stopping until you get to the bottom where you recover half the time it took you to do the full up and down of the hill.

On my first ascent I thought "shoot this isn't so bad" because even though the hill is steep it levels out a bit but then that thought was followed by "holy crap" as the second steeper hill made itself known. I love hills though (in training, I could do without them in races thank you very much) but last night gave new meaning to the word "hill" considering where I live the biggest "hill" for me is walking up onto the levee by the river.

We ended up doing 5 repeats instead of 4. My group is badass. My 405 told me that my max heart rate on each ascent was 177 and I recovered to 120 before starting the next ascent which is a drop in 57 beats in about a 2 minute time span. I am thinking that is pretty darn good. It made me happy.

You know what makes the Peanut happy?

Reading a book with Grandma while snacking on some Gold Fish Crackers!

AND finding a cool golf ball at the park while playing with Dad!


  1. I will never again buy Pennsylvania Ave on Monopoly again! I'll stick with Park Place. Not really looking forward to putting the shoes back on today and doing 4, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

  2. Way to go Trailmomma!

    I faced PA Avenue about 6 months ago. Ya, didn't like it! I, however, could only get up to the stop sign and then came back down. Was able to do that about 3 times.

    So, in my book, you rock!

  3. It's been close to 5 years since I've visited Penn Ave and now i remember why.....that hill hurts! Great workout!

    Garmin, don't forget to put new batteries in that lamp.

  4. Wait what? Garmind had MORE technical difficulties?? Guess I missed that since I was um, pulling up the rear! :-)

  5. I just went and got it out of the car! Yes, TMomma, if you were in front looking back, you would see that I'm not the brightest of the bunch... er..wait, that didn't come out right.

  6. Good job on the HR.

    I can hardly wait until I get to hold a grand baby Peanut on my lap and read to her/him. ;)

  7. Man she is really intrigued by that golf ball. So cute!