Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Due to a personal reason, I was able to leave work early yesterday. Vans offered to pick up the Peanut so I could do my four mile recovery run in daylight!!! What a joy this was as I usually do them after work in the dark and on my local surface streets instead of the bike trail.
I am lucky in that I live near the bike trail that has a perfect four mile loop.
Here is a picture from yesterday. It was such a beautiful day!

My run was okay although my legs felt as if they were detached from my body but I was grooving to some tunes and enjoying the weather.
I should have posted this earlier when I first noticed this but I did not have my phone/camera. Out on the stretch of bike trail where I run is a legend. It seems you can channel Prefontaine when you run.

If you look closely at the picture above you will see a partially worn image of Prefontaine on that smoke stack. It used to be 100% but the recent rains are wearing it away.
Pretty cool huh? Inspiring if anything.
Well this trailmomma is home today with a sick Peanut and a bad computer so this was posted from my iPhone. Please forgive all typos!!
Tonight is our Fleet Feet group night and I am looking forward to it.
Also go visit Shut Up And Run for a great giveaway offer. I will announce my giveaway on Thursday.
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  1. I used to live in Eugene, OR, when Pre's ghost still lives strong. You still see a ton of old t-shirts with "Run Pre" on it... and they have a trail up there named after him, and everyone there can drive you up to the spot where he died.