Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Coach Nikon posted his photos (not blurry) from Saturday's run! You can find them on his blog or here.

Nice pics Coach!

I did make it out for my run last night for those who were wondering. However, 45 minutes was really only 30 minutes because that was all the Peanut would allow before she was done with the jogger, elmo and a box full of raisins. Apparently my time limit now is how much running can I get in before she downs a box of raisins. She doens't eat them one by one either as she has her mothers "shovel food in face" disease.

The Peanut has also caught on that the neighborhood park is on momma's running route and when we don't stop at the park first . . . the Peanut is not a happy camper.

Oooh I want to be up there!

Here I come squirrels!


  1. TM,

    Glad you liked the photos, did you happen to read the titles? If not look again and click details, they bring a new meaning to the photos.......


  2. I did read them, the second time around. The first time they didn't pop up but when I went to show Vans, I saw the captions. Hilarious especially since you mention the bomber's bacon! HA I have issues with Flicr . . . not quite used to it yet.

  3. It is amazing how those little ones can run our lives for us. The good news is that at one point it stops and we just have it our way. At least I hope I have stopped giving into my now teenage son.

  4. With girls, you never stop giving in. We know how to get what we want! :)

    I have 2 adult daughters who still get what they want out of me. Their good, cause they learned from the best.

    Glad you got in at least 30 minutes. Every little bit counts.

  5. Measuring your runs in raisins, I like that!

  6. Now, I am in NO way comparing your cute little daughter to my dorky little dog, however....

    I do think it's funny how you post pictures of her for us to see and I post pictures of him for people to see. AND they both like squirrels. LOL ;)